@UnkaTRazz Thanks t!!
So excited. So grateful. Many thanks McKnight. And congrats to fellow grantees! https://t.co/Zuf4lZK0F5
RT @TinaLandau: BE BEST? Be Kind. Be Compassionate. Be Tolerant. Be Loving. Be Giving. Be Helpful. Be Honest. Be Humble. Be Gratef… https://t.co/aOw32Hpjij
Quiet, kind, philanthropy. Sweet Monday story. https://t.co/Sgpk2NEIjx
Such a nice respite from the shouting https://t.co/EWLuyQ4AR0
Thank you Andrea Constand for staying the course. I can’t even imagine the personal toll of these two trials - your… https://t.co/ASW1WMYxBV
@dwyer2008 I’m obsessed with The Choice at the moment. And Paris from Plumb. Sweet and Bitter Bowl from the Works.… https://t.co/TIb5nHOeA0
@yashar They all look miserable
@CynthiaEriVo I love you for talking about this. Well, I love you because you are a phenomenal talent. But I agree… https://t.co/4j0fMY5zmf
RT @BettyBowers: “When the aging gorilla is confronted with the much more virile, new alpha-male, he shows submissiveness by groomin… https://t.co/4LiLHv4oei
RT @DisavowTrump16: Emma Gonzalez has been through so much from a school shooting to being demonized by the alt-right and yet she conti… https://t.co/6qOT87Tp87
Well hello Cleveland! That sure is a big Lake. Songwriting workshop at Tri-C (Cuyahoga Community College) today and… https://t.co/wU7q3ydZGT
Packing for the road again. Why do I still suck at this? I forget essentials every time but always bring more hardc… https://t.co/7I3vUnNCJa
@MojoWoko Omg. Company is in my top ten too!!
@susanbordson @ceceliagrace @JungleTheater The only difference is my own comfort in the bones of it!! Thx so much for coming.
@_jacob Funnily, no. But my dad lamented that I said god damn instead of just damn the circus...
@BellaSpinks Swweeeeet of you! Xo
RT @CityWineryCHI: American folk rock singer-songwriter & guitarist @jonathabrooke performs at @citywinerychi 3.16! Visit our website… https://t.co/vlPTbt1gCU
Yayayayyyyyyy! Philly here we come!! https://t.co/a9gaASbqxZ
Watch my conversation with Lori La Bey from @AlzSpks. We discuss my experience caring for my mother with dementia, … https://t.co/Vxf3mZgfe6
Come check out my interview 4 How The Song Came 2 B, a free summit about songwriting and creativity with me & many… https://t.co/ZhCzTLo2jg
RT @goldengateblond: I just wanna give this guy a hug. His heartbreak is palpable. No matter what happens, please don't blow off an enti… https://t.co/HI4vnILecu
RT @FullFrontalSamB: May this tweet be @SenGillibrand's superhero origin story and ignite her 2020 campaign to replace your sexist ass. 🙏 https://t.co/iGuhwCq9WS
RT @nytimes: Op-Ed Contributor: Billy Bush: Yes, Donald Trump, You Said That https://t.co/T1RB2jlIEe
RT @clairecmc: This is so bad. We have just gotten list of amendments to be included in bill NOT from our R colleagues, but from l… https://t.co/zvCrcghtJW
RT @mattyglesias: The economy is growing and the stock market and business profits are at record highs so we need to: ❌ Address chil… https://t.co/NfxT79e9tw
Cooking up a little something with the New Standards..... shhhhhhh. There may be choreography. https://t.co/8LPCvUBujY
@AP Trump: desperate to distract. SAD!!!!!
Giddy up. https://t.co/kqHjqA45mZ
@TheMoSabri Will check it out! And please consider Put the Gun Down in American Roots Performance and AR Song...https://t.co/rWaBusJ5vW
RT @ZachWahls: "I moved on her like a bitch. [...] I just start kissing them. [...] Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything." -… https://t.co/u78spvQBxk
RT @tedlieu: Keep in mind that for Mueller to bring charges, he needed a panel of independent grand jurors to approve them. This… https://t.co/8K7aKfGLEl
1st round Grammy voting ends on Sunday 6PM PT..for your consideration voters.. https://t.co/1aRnUdM9Ix
Ok Berkeley I'm comin'! Books. Check. Mandolin. Check. Advil. CHECK. Toothpaste. Check. It's a date. Tonite 10/19:… https://t.co/K0qBGBPkAU
Talk about the shirt off your back! I admired my now new pal Fairlight's coat from the stage and she ups and gives… https://t.co/cr9uhKg1wH
Talk about the shirt off your back! I admired my now new pal Fairchild's coat from the stage and she ups and gives… https://t.co/kpBPwwctAj
LA. My darling. I've missed you so...Tomorrow 10/18 is our date. I'll be there with bells on. https://t.co/TfRfHoJykL
RT @dosd: @jonathabrooke is coming to town! RSVP through @dosd and get free admission.😉 https://t.co/E04ROJ8LCV
RT @leosidran: How do we monetize access? Can songwriting be taught? Why so self critical? @jonathabrooke asks the hard questions:… https://t.co/4uT8b4LKZk
TBT san diego..... circa 2009 quieter gentler times. photo: Denise Andrade https://t.co/vSIRoZMHbe
4 Noses is coming to Minneapolis in February. Perfect time for a love story to warm your heart and soul https://t.co/4HUlWSEVtJ
RT @nytopinion: Pull apart the threads of patriotism and lax gun laws that the N.R.A. maliciously intertwined https://t.co/6eyxa1znKq by @rosannecash
Hey Bridge Street Live - Here we come, can't wait to play! https://t.co/ogeIVKlssg https://t.co/poetcSKoT1
@mindy1965 @allinwithchris What a pathetic wackadoo!
@Aprilstewart @mikegarrigan001 @caseywasner It was a sweet sweet honor!!!
RT @jes_chastain: Love and Courage ❤ https://t.co/h9JuCcRGvo
RT @nytimes: The 5 living former U.S. presidents have started a fund to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey https://t.co/TWM5qqTxBf
RT @nprmusic: Hear singer-songwriter Jonatha Brooke's (@jonathabrooke) 2016 return to @MountainStage. https://t.co/VQ4lfSHB9x https://t.co/XTxVYaYjCs
RT @JuanSaaa: What it feels like to be a Dreamer at this particular point in time. A 101 guide
Weekend Update: Tina Fey on Protesting After Charlottesville - SNL https://t.co/BtBCNm3Rg5 via @YouTube
RT @ava: What he said... https://t.co/2bnxIHmRJA
RT @davidaxelrod: This guy is who he is. He's not changing. It's up to the rest of us, regardless of party, to decide who WE are.
Truth. Reflection. Synthesis. Worth a Read! https://t.co/v5DzqT4KMn
Food for thought. N Y Times https://t.co/R9lDqCs1Yf
RT @davidaxelrod: Whether it's North Korea, McConnell, transgender service people or Russia, @POTUS is like a runaway truck with no Reverse on gearshift. 😳
RIP sweet Glen Campbell. And thank you for sharing your story and de-classifying such tender and terrible truths.
RT @MarkRuffalo: My great grandparents came to this country, by way of the Statue of Liberty, speaking no English. We became model A… https://t.co/wnVN5US9Pu
RT @rosannecash: On a day when everything good feels debased, scorned & mocked, @desavia posts this pic and I start crying in public. https://t.co/H9RafbYXXW
RT @SamHarrisOrg: Thanks for reminding me what the Internet is actually for.... https://t.co/5lnkvJAgTU
RT @mmpadellan: MEDIA: Take notes. THIS is how you stop the spread of #FakeNews. @JoyAnnReid puts on a clinic, no charge, on today'… https://t.co/3crSzRKKzc
@piersmorgan You are a Heartless creep.
Disheartening. Devastating. Despicable. https://t.co/fl8MPc56vh
RT @HillaryClinton: Right here. Includes radical provisions like how not to kick 23 mil ppl off their coverage. Feel free to run w/it.… https://t.co/tpWoSv7CST
RT @JYSexton: I'd like to give a little insight into what it's like being a journalist in 2017 and why Trump's rhetoric is incredibly dangerous 1/
RT @davidaxelrod: While @POTUS sideshow roars on, one appointee is truly making a difference--dismantling environmental protection. https://t.co/vwMlWCKqi9
RT @ACLU: States are right to refuse to turn over massive amounts of personal information in what is clearly a ploy to suppre… https://t.co/HlayDYXB8k
Can't we just make America kind again? @RealDonad_Trump
RT @jeffpearlman: I'm being serious—this is straight up conman shit. https://t.co/svdlVf3iuU
RT @TheEllenShow: Savannah, I see you, I hear you, and I'm so proud of you. https://t.co/TqnMr0BLT3
Loving gearfest. Finally getting my crazy fixed. Made my last record in this studio @SweetwaterSound #gearfest… https://t.co/K7xbLub39C
RT @DakotaJazzClub: .@jonathabrooke .@abywolf .@Kgastonguay .@somuchsound Jeff Bailey, Rebecca Arons, and Joey Van Phillips. Tomorrow… https://t.co/BeeDpcBLdu
RT @nowthisnews: Anti-gay protesters crashed a Pride event — so this men's chorus drowned out their hate with song https://t.co/oGx2U44lBu
My dad. Russia circa.... late 80s? My biggest champion. Always curious, writing and understanding the story from ev… https://t.co/hE0aIRcpkK
Bryn Mawr PA are you ready? It's the wicked pissah trio comin' your way Saturday. Just sayin' 7pm. With bells on.… https://t.co/D5ADdMpW76
RT @RepAdamSchiff: @POTUS Ultimately, this is not about party, but about country. Watch former FBI Director James Comey explain why th… https://t.co/uI7yCDoQ1i
RT @GeorgeTakei: Looks like Donald's Fox News wall is not holding. https://t.co/j3ou9CfXW3
Home stretch! Just need tile and a hoodie for the stove. New journal https://t.co/4Hc5HBCyqn #mynewkitchen https://t.co/rRuJHPP6Zk
RT @NBCNews: JUST IN: Statement from President Barack Obama on the Paris Climate Accord: https://t.co/hVDrsPFrTH
RT @nytimes: "This seems to be the end of an era, one in which the United States led and Europe followed" https://t.co/g8Yp50CBud
RT @GeorgeTakei: The view from Down Under. Worth noting, and learning from. https://t.co/jgJjfWuJSn
RT @porterthereport: Dear world. This is the story I've worked on for 3 months. It's about one man's living wake and medicalized death. https://t.co/KBo272j3VJ
@porterthereport Thank you so much for this exquisite story.
Omg. Colbert and Paul Simon "feelin' groovy" best thing ever.
RT @zeynep: Don't share gory pics. People have loved ones watching. Don't put panicked people on endless loop on TV. That's lit… https://t.co/k5mE6onqrP
@andersforssberg Priceless!
Close enough. At least there are band aids and antibiotics in there. https://t.co/zoaJR5l1Ji
Impossible insane hubris. https://t.co/LbE4DyBj58
Giddy up! Back on the road! @creativalliance 03/24 Baltimore / Singer-Songwriter Cape May 03/25 Cape May /… https://t.co/lVdEWLN9zb
Hashtag Lullaby at @eTownHall in Boulder! Listen/watch full length audio/video here: https://t.co/4ExU56DRWp https://t.co/PeKtfmmZiF
RT @ACLU: So then we will have the same basic response. https://t.co/tMTAWYDRWm
strange comfort? https://t.co/O8l83ZropK
Loved this interview @nprscottsimon esp "Are you happy?" At the end. Brilliant https://t.co/R8ljv2xNFE
Well worth watching. McCain prevails in Munich https://t.co/DIN409Jqkk
RT @StephensWSJ: My Daniel Pearl lecture on the dark purposes of Trump's attack on media, and the risks of conservative capitulation. https://t.co/IxOdvxw1e7
Fact whiplash. @realDonaldTrump Numbers speak volumes. #tellthetruth https://t.co/MrkkvN24hf
RT @nytimes: From Russia to China, how did the rest of the world react to President Trump's news conference? https://t.co/PsbsHali2K
RT @nytimes: "We fear that too much is at stake to be silent any longer." (via The New York Times Opinion Section) https://t.co/JsbW4aq5m2
RT @CoryBooker: ...then it's unacceptable it took them so long to act. Much more is going on here. Congressional republican leaders… https://t.co/woejTbPHTE
RT @rosannecash: 55 women, including myself, read Coretta Scott King's letter. Please share. https://t.co/H0YRHrtNSP #ShePersisted
RT @SenSanders: We are in a pivotal moment in American history. We have a president who is delusional. He is a pathological liar.
R. I. P. Al Jarreau - the most engaging, charismatic performer His is a gift, an example I cherish and try to emula… https://t.co/KmqgMvkeTt
@MojoWoko what a treat. Thanks for the sweet pix!!
@bryanholt @Spotify thank you!!
RT @CoryBooker: Love this: https://t.co/4H97kCp677
RT @BryanDawsonUSA: Immigrants - Doing the jobs Americans won't #NoBanNoWallNoRaids https://t.co/zyQMAoze7f
RT @mmpadellan: For all trump's bluster and bullying in all caps, Hillary smacked that temporary "president" with 3 characters. Tha… https://t.co/RBFfCGJzBO
RT @RoguePOTUSStaff: Retweet and tell your friends to join the resistance. https://t.co/m1qZG0Wceh
RT @SenSchumer: This letter caused the GOP to silence @SenWarren tonight. Rt if you think they should #LetLizSpeak https://t.co/YSdugxE6Kr
RT @ShaunKing: I am told the increasing volume of these images, which will likely plague @realDonaldTrump's entire presidency, com… https://t.co/SdxzARLv91
RT @MarkRuffalo: Call em! It's working! https://t.co/De81bK3bUy
RT @ChelseaClinton: Right now? Yesterday? https://t.co/5o6tF5yX6u
RT @ingridmusic: Unstoppable. https://t.co/lebwRVZxdo
RT @KeithOlbermann: Pardon me, @GOP leaders. This guy is out of his fucking mind. He needs to be removed from office. He is a danger to… https://t.co/l2kLfgVrNq
RT @ezlusztig: People are not "pouring in" to this country. Our vetting process is as intense as any country in the world. Everyth… https://t.co/l7lVwrh9oJ
RT @hazydav: Then we probably shouldn't retweet this, huh? Ah WTF... https://t.co/CIEwc2fezc
RT @erinmckeown: np: march-a-lago! go go go!! #resist https://t.co/B7YacF7UqL
RT @BeauWillimon: Just give the guy a chance, right? No. This is what happens when you legitimize nazis like #PresidentBannon by putt… https://t.co/sB0CMWYflL
RT @jes_chastain: I'm really hoping that you haven't seen the film & have no clue what you're talking about. Hate crimes aren't funny… https://t.co/XoNzf2HdYr
RT @BernieSanders: It is not only progressives who are outraged by Trump's actions and statements. https://t.co/PvYlgJAtK7
RT @jeffpearlman: This is worth spreading. It really is. Retweet, times 100, 000 https://t.co/GG7wfkahZo
This just can't be happening. Where are the sane conservatives? https://t.co/ditFqBTj6k
RT @nytimes: A record 3 million people now subscribe to The New York Times. Facts matter. Thanks to all who support independent journalism.
@stevenshomler @TastyTuesdayPDX @PDXRadioProject thanks for the shout out/play out!
Ok Denmark. We're on our way! Can't wait! Hope we can get home later, or maybe we'll just stay.… https://t.co/iV63F21rnM
RT @GeorgeTakei: Paying attention? https://t.co/dQqhCl8Rhs
RT @ACLU: oooh, great idea! Help us get to 1 million followers. Be creative. You can do it, team. https://t.co/TIGFYWTiqS
@DrJulieHanks thank you ten gazillion for the shout out!! Xo
Made my DaY!! https://t.co/UlBlQSnWoH
RT @MMFlint: To our Muslim neighbors in the world: I & tens of millions of others are so very sorry. The majority of Americans did not vote 4 this man.
RT @BFriedmanDC: This was my team. We fought together in Iraq. Guess the two most critical members. Now guess which two are no longe… https://t.co/LRqdeTbauK
RT @BernieSanders: Trump claimed he would stand up for working people, but it turns out Goldman Sachs is still running the show. https://t.co/w6jRqp0DpC
RT @jojomoyes: "Our president is a pathological liar. Say it. Write it." The NYT is no longer mincing its words. https://t.co/zqnLc4xdCH
RT @robreiner: Just watched all of David Muir's interview with our president. There's no other way to say this, he's out of his fucking mind. God help us.
Baby Rosie came to my show last night! Swoon, - her First concert. Ok Salt Lake, here I come. Bringing my A game.… https://t.co/9Mv2fJyUkd
Putting on my fanciest danciest pantsiest for you, Austin. We're gonna have a good time tonight. One World Theatre… https://t.co/LGt2w9fKKP
Tonight Tomball, TX (Houston) come out and celebrate my birthday with me I'll sing pretty and then we can have cake! https://t.co/gLfhtBnVfu
@Lawrence @dwyer2008 we can only hope
RT @WomenintheWorld: Feminist icon Gloria Steinem takes the podium at the #womensmarch. Watch live here: https://t.co/WZsUU902Vx https://t.co/tVffPxT7TO
RT @WomenintheWorld: .@AmericaFerrera gets the #WomensMarch off to a fiery start with impassioned speech. Watch live:… https://t.co/CSIiCNpVFh
RT @RachelintheOC: Man Boasts Of #SexualAssault, Later Inaugurated 45th #President Of United States https://t.co/tkiVQhlxQy via @Forbes
Lord help us all. Can't believe what I'm hearing (Trump live!) hat is on, Sergio's got my back.… https://t.co/pZTS0HFLLT
@RachelintheOC moving here makes spring so much more precious!!!!!
@JGodi sweet. Many thanks for being there!
@donbuckleyjr @DakotaJazzClub funnest night!!! Great company. Thank you!!!!
Ice fishing is my new Zumba. Ready for Dakota on Tues Minn? Jo Lawry, Sean Driscoll, Tommy Barbarella, Hans Erik. B… https://t.co/RrF0NZfrsz
At least 1 degree outside makes itself pretty. Texas, I'm coming over to get warm!Houston 1/23, Austin 1/25. Jonath… https://t.co/Doss0cZCEf
Put the Gun Down at @CityWineryNYC cellar sessions. For real https://t.co/CVtjtNGCBc https://t.co/tlrXcyJv0K
Ok New York. We're here tonight at City Winery 9-9:45. Power trio Sean Driscoll, Nate Wood and me #badassfun https://t.co/M69Slhd0kw
R. I. P. George Michael. https://t.co/3UTBTP9AjA
Haha! some of it involves an E flat 9 (Eb Bb Eb F Bb Eb) And there are a couple with a funky "partial capo" from S… https://t.co/vjvpLEJb1O
DENMARK! I'M COMING!! Just can't wait until February https://t.co/ztM8qZte9Y
RT @eTownHall: Jan. 2017 at eTown: @DarWilliamsTour, @PiersFaccini, David Bromberg, @jonathabrooke, @ColinHay, @DoyleBramhall2, … https://t.co/bhswvitLW8
Dreamiest day ever!!! https://t.co/9HiEOzGcrt
What's better than singing on @emilysaliers new record? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. https://t.co/WTTmh3v54K
My 2017 Songwriting workshop in Nashville is open for registration! Giddy up and come play! https://t.co/LNHuF9wV7J
Umm. @emilysaliers Can not wait to sing on these gorgeous songs!!!! https://t.co/MMfgFOBkMN
New Journal: It's 6 below!! "This Very Old House" https://t.co/8OoSb1ZckJ
One of the best things about Minneapolis? (Rebecca Arons - cello, 4 noses) lives here too!!! https://t.co/whuhgqOZDK
@RachelintheOC no, YOU're so lovely!!
Ok Minneapolis, I'm ready. https://t.co/Q1A0dkkKSF
New Journal. the things we carry https://t.co/Fvg7t8TXaG
RT @WorldCafe: BONUS VIDEO: Watch @jonathabrooke perform "Put The Gun Down" from last weeks live session! https://t.co/ezjy3FETDk https://t.co/1d3cpx0kft
@TStewTweets I don't have it notated :( so sorry. I'm a totally by ear player. Love that you want to sing it though!!!! Xo
Just sayin' ... I am super grateful to WXPN, David Dye, and Wolrd Cafe for all the years of love. https://t.co/KiLh1jt6gE
This one. Really. It was super special. Thank you @WorldCafe and @wxpnfm I adore you https://t.co/Ft9b9hOuLl
What a sweet few days it's been. And now....Minneapolis tonight at the Dakota. Psyched!!! Only a few tix left.… https://t.co/ndGsmrWyJO
@PatrickErwin thank you. It was a super fun night!
@JGodi awwwww. Super sweet. Xo
@MichelleTrimper loved that magical place, magical audience. I'll be back
@merk54 @CityWineryCHI it was one of those top ten nights!! Thank you!
RT @WorldCafe: Tunes from #JonnyCash, @blindpilot, @IggyPop, a session with @jonathabrooke + more - all on today' #WCPlaylist:… https://t.co/FZtnXDTTgq
Hey Kent, OH. Got yer tickets for tomorrow? TOMORROW! (Thursday) starting up a wicked cool Midwest swing of fun.… https://t.co/AfGFi61oYB
RT @MojoWoko: @jonathabrooke 's 'Put the Gun Down' has garnered extra immediacy with today's presidential news. WTF America?
@cantcu yessssss!
RT @center4popmusic: Join us TODAY at #MTSU with @jonathabrooke. Writers in the Round program at 7pm in KUC Theater. Free and open to… https://t.co/A6Y0t96Z0D
No. no. No. no. Who the hell are we? How can this be happening? NO. https://t.co/bw3DQBZLaW
Lord, this one is lovely. Can't thank @thatgirlmsshe enough for digging in to this record. #midnighthallelujah https://t.co/Es7qEiZprk
@thatgirlmsshe @redlineroots wowowwwwowwweeeee! Thank you thank you from my deepest heart. Xo jb
Coming to Tennessee THURSDAY 10/3! - hope i see you there. the evening event is open to the public. MTSU, Woop Woop. https://t.co/wIgTbZHSOO
Love it. "Current Gender. " They're getting super progressive at Mt. Sinai. https://t.co/Okx9jdfC8e
Spooky Alps at 0 dark thirty. Homeward bound. https://t.co/vehwrlgks2
RT @center4popmusic: Nov 3 singer-songwriter @jonathabrooke will visit @MediaCollegeMT at 7pm in KUC Theatre #MTSU. This event is free a… https://t.co/G7xHJEhgWh
This just in from ABC. Me and Lady Gaga get four star reviews!!!! https://t.co/PxnYefnkkf
Francesca, our guide and Fernando from the tiny vineyard finally agreed when I asked them about Trump journal:… https://t.co/jk209mHcTV
Somehow my set list and tunings made it into my suitcase to Tuscany! #sweetmemories #stillsingingthesesongs https://t.co/jnyFfZIKhM
Finally enough arugula for my salad. #sesto #villaparadisino https://t.co/oDb2Fu7og1
It's still neck and neck between the two Brunellos. #songwritingworkshop #tuscany #jbro https://t.co/vZHO6YXodZ
Pinch me. Sesto, Italy. Reminds me of the tiny town in France where I was married: "...and it's never too late...… https://t.co/niO10bi8PS
@TStewTweets still hungry!
RT @WorldCafe: Some pretty stunning musical moments by @jonathabrooke this afternoon on @VuHaus #live #worldcafe https://t.co/PW368CMbhc
Powerful. VOTE. Joss Whedon (Buffy, Dollhouse) created this. It's also my stepdaughter Lily Rains in the spot. https://t.co/lsisqSZlTi
@VuHaus is live streaming my performance at @worldcafelive starting at 1PM EDT. https://t.co/uglUEwZ3FJ
Thank you https://t.co/We66yoj1UA for your beautiful feature and thought provoking interview https://t.co/xxXYpZJa3e
RT @TheBGSituation: Song Premiere: @jonathabrooke, 'Midnight Hallelujah' https://t.co/17cPJEaMU2 https://t.co/9iBmM5W6q2
@michaelalove666 it was a treat. So impressed with you all! Xo
God bless the Solid Rock Cafe. Fully caffeinated for the concert 7:30, Ephraim UTAH! Woop! Now, where can I get one… https://t.co/9RFubpIIiM
Snow College I am loving you. Concert tomorrow night (Tuesday) 7:30 at the Eccles Center for the Performing Arts. E… https://t.co/WliSthANw9
@adrianalorenzi @ValladaresDrums so beautiful to meet you! Big hug!
@danapleasant woweee! These are super sweet. Thx a gazillion
Thank you Maria Schneider for going after the truth for us all https://t.co/hFHcKpq3Y5
@danapleasant I forgot to thank you for the pic. Will fix that on the FB!!
@Section101Tweet love you guys so bad!!!!!
Seattle You were awesome. Denver look out. Soiled Dove Friday night https://t.co/EaqjFBrsC2 I guess that red shirt… https://t.co/1LdOqZ42fl
@monicapasqual a gazillion thanks. Xo
@RachelintheOC done and done!!
@danapleasant super sweet. I guess that shirt really is red!!!!
The door was definitely open last night! I love you Portland. Seattle, are you ready? Triple door tomorrow night… https://t.co/MpMgWkde3j
Berkeley you were off the hook last night. PDX can you top that? #tonight #albertarosetheater #jbro https://t.co/MtPGakhjdZ
@RachelintheOC awwww. It was a blissful night. Great to finally squeeze you!! Xo
Still some tickets left! We're gonna have some fun tonight #freightandsalvage Portland, are you ready for tomorrow?… https://t.co/gOYQypLntW
Midnight. Hallelujah! Officially downloadable TODAY on https://t.co/9OyOoh8EHr and CDs are shipping daily. Street date 10/21. Giddy up!
@nfaball so far just Kent. But you never know...
@ggillet1971 I dream every day of those French roads....
@BobStarkSound yessss. Hope you like!
Woooooop! packing up the suitcase, checking the wires and doodads. On the road again, starting in Berkeley Saturday… https://t.co/TobbfM2OV0
@ChefNSchlep world cafe October 13 close ish?
@BurqueTwit pledge music or my website!!
Finally!! They're here! Signing and sending "Midnight. Hallelujah." out to you as we speak. Giddy up… https://t.co/edBCYQ2dwo
@monimurph never gets old, that one!
I do love you, Little Rock - last night's show was off the hook cuz you are the best audience ever. But can we do s… https://t.co/86dtIcpPuT
Jesus came to load-in at the Argenta Theater!! I've got a good feeling about this "4 Noses" thing. #4noses… https://t.co/VRCCUbMW3r
@RosemaryWYEP Happy Happy 35th, Rosemary Welsch! You are a beautiful gift to us all. Thank you for all you do. Biggest hug ever. Go WYEP!
Dave Sanborn's at the Blue Note. RUN don't walk Wycliffe Gordon Ben Williams Andy Ezrin and Billy Kilson Killin' it https://t.co/584SKIj9Ex
Kicking off the new tour and record with @mounatainstage what a sweet evening! airs starting Oct. 14. https://t.co/V5L05rkQhF
@quigdette you rule. thanks for all the support! xo
@fredrikbnilsson CD!!! you can pre-order on pledge music, or on my website. https://t.co/4Hc5HBCyqn
@12kharris it was the inner story of a 12 year old girl in the sequel to the original peter pan movie. but, yes, it's really about ALL of us
On the road! 4 Noses September 23, 24, and then giddy up Get your tickets quick 10/1 "Freight & Salvage" and onward https://t.co/EaqjFB9RKu
Giddy up! Holiday spirit on 86 and Lex!! https://t.co/zcaIcDWbsA
https://t.co/vHXJyzSWqj tiny book of JB "My Misery" lyrics, w artwork by Amy Tingle!!
@jcputney i think it's for actual sheet music.
@renanbout actually just 2. the other one is called "Boomerang" and it's excellent ear treacle... but we never finished it... :(
@BurqueTwit choose your battles. - track 15 on the "deluxe" version!!!! :)
Awesome! 6 months of print royalties for my Katy Perry song. I'm gonna party this weekend! https://t.co/65memhZ9fI
@beccastevensbsb jinx 1, 2, 3
@RIPLEYTHEBAND how did you know i LOVE FLAN!!! xoxo
@ameliarayrocks wheeeee ! I've arrived!!!
@RickNashtag flattered and honored. thank you.
@celestegee70 awww quit it. you're making me blush.
@beccastevensbsb woohoo. thanks brilliant one
@BobStarkSound solo this time.. gotta bring home some bacon. xo
@TerriClarkMusic lord. it's been too long. where did those songs we wrote get to?
@FEFisher3 YES! Spire. little phone app with 4 tracks. crazy easy. i need lo tech for the quickies!
@12kharris ask away!
new song premiering NOW! "Put the Gun Down" https://t.co/UHgtoH4qb3
I still hate that color green everyone thinks is so wonderful on redheads. #TBT #redhead #badhairday https://t.co/y0gFTMfZ2F
And then, THIS happened. Amy Grant came to my Songwriting Workshop in Nashville. Mercy, it was beyond. https://t.co/VQbymTeHCX
Keb Mo just gets me every time. "Hand it over?" Yes I will. Just like church at our Nashville songwriting workshop. https://t.co/BzyhUeFUnL
If I were a superhero, I would pay off everyone's mortgage and buy them tap shoes. https://t.co/ImjgiOZyqf
Filling in tour dates for the fall. Check them out early here: https://t.co/J4ooqZLfG6 https://t.co/QtzjXEwjqg
I think songwriting, and art in general, is distilling the truth into 100 proof details. https://t.co/pNALSZXPhf
Less than a week until the songwriting workshop in Nashville! Sign up now at https://t.co/gwP5v0ILoj https://t.co/9OJH4TARGj
Thanks Google!! So grateful you're looking out for us artists! 52 cents is gonna rock my weekend! https://t.co/0QGgHBGvcC
OMG. This is pre Story 1988. I think it was a club called "the Speakeasy" on Macdougal St. in the Village. https://t.co/uZHbAlKrGW
Explore ALL the ways into songwriting with me In Nashville next week. There are only a couple spots left: https://t.co/gwP5v0ILoj
"Hashtag Lullaby" - a little acoustic sneak preview from the new record. https://t.co/74JbQKMzuO
The singers and songwriters who I love the most have a vulnerability. They address the audience as a friend. https://t.co/h2FsUvy0B1
I love singing - connecting with an audience. I love that repartee where you are baring your soul. https://t.co/BI6me7208d
This album is more topical than usual. Rockier. There's a swagger to it. It came out of a very intense period. https://t.co/GmMhvhjEGP
In the end it's my story to tell. And I am the only one who knows my own version of things, my own truth. https://t.co/YiQ2iRktyY
PSYCH Gordon Kennedy "Change the World" is my guest teacher for July's Workshop. Come play! https://t.co/gwP5v10mMT https://t.co/1nxD2nL3vz
Some of the fun we have in my songwriting workshops! Still a few spots left for July. https://t.co/gwP5v0ILoj https://t.co/17JNW6dQ5j
July 02, 2016 Jonatha Brooke Official Website at Katharine Hepburn Theatre... https://t.co/gxFb8BaPCw
Finding comedy in despair. Talking about "My Mother Has 4 Noses". Get your tickets at https://t.co/VjLjOeImaC https://t.co/pj9msTOME7
TONIGHT! "4 Noses" Giddy Up in Old Saybrook CT. https://t.co/x5q4HyHCbM
Me and my beloved director, Jeremy Cohen. Get your tickets to "My Mother Has 4 Noses" at https://t.co/VjLjOeImaC https://t.co/GDLEMrcLIw
Performing this morning on @iCRVradio and talking about this weekend's shows. https://t.co/VjLjOeImaC https://t.co/Lx2nTEY10L
Building a show. Get your tickets at https://t.co/VjLjOeImaC https://t.co/0P6xyt5xqK
"Are You Getting This Down?" from "My Mother Has 4 Noses". Get your tickets at https://t.co/VjLjOeImaC https://t.co/xPlx6ucRGD
What people are saying about "My Mother Has 4 Noses". Get your tickets at https://t.co/IVLhid0sDW https://t.co/RsPesBajgY
A song I've been singing for twenty years will suddenly break my heart. https://t.co/VHcgOdKeXo
'Too Much Happiness' from the upcoming album 'Midnight. Hallelujah.' https://t.co/QtENJT4Uqv
"Hashtag Lullaby" https://t.co/1WNZs1DWTw More sneak peeks of the new album at https://t.co/Yt6R27ifbU
"An affectionate, well-crafted, surprisingly funny new musical." - New York Post https://t.co/IVLhid0sDW https://t.co/jRvVKIOM83
"Devastating and gorgeous. Poignantly funny, beautifully created." - New York Times https://t.co/IVLhid0sDW https://t.co/IJrS9bG2xm
Kindness and generosity inspire me. https://t.co/BMRBGFAUel
See 'My Mother Has 4 Noses' in Connecticut at https://t.co/IVLhidi42w
No matter the circumstance, we’re never really ready… https://t.co/YpXwy2Jp9S
Put the Gun Down https://t.co/4N09xKVLRr
Put the Gun Down https://t.co/4N09xKVLRr
RT @SethMacFarlane: This. https://t.co/wp5ApescHq
RT @MSNBC: .@POTUS on 2016 race: "This is not a reality show, this is a contest for the presidency of the United States." https://t.co/TQlKUZB1HP
Note to self... https://t.co/1FSikom0Ym
Ok UK peeps. Please don't miss this show. Becca is the bomb. Serious! @solobasssteve https://t.co/yAobu4x4i8
W Emily Saliers @davebarnesmusic hanging. Singing. The sweetness of colleague crafters funsters. This is heaven. https://t.co/956vLc1uxw
TBT# circa "Plumb?" Lost that bracelet in London, lost those wingtips in LA. Hanging on to treasures ever since! https://t.co/cRbpEWaglc
YES! Right before that last chorus. fave spot. pulling way back. https://t.co/Iy0stsJPYs
RT @Rebeccamead_NYC: This may be the most 9 year old moment in my 9 year old diary https://t.co/3qkwMTfAkS
@Jazzdog40 made my day! Thank you!
RT @AdviceToWriters: Doubt runs through me every day I work, like the subway’s third rail. MARY KARR #amwriting #writing #writingtips https://t.co/BEhS8770MK
I dream of playing in Paris again. every night I plan what will say. .. Paris me Manque tant. https://t.co/ioNesvZWI5
Got it. #Lemonade is my specialty. https://t.co/G14N9ccNw0
@freegirlmountai "Hideous DC" sure sounds like a winner! :)Touring in the fall. Sign up at https://t.co/Y3qTWKnmDn for dates as they come in
@jessika2001 you are the sweetest. Mille mercis
@poedavid @curtisstigers @JonHicks72 @acousticUSA @JasonIsbell @hayescarll Naaah. Musical theater is totally the way to go!! Big bucks.
RT @nytimestheater: Review: ‘Tuck Everlasting, ’ a Lyrical Meditation on Life, Death and Immortality https://t.co/vZZdk04CZj
You go Chris Miller @TuckMusical. congrats on fabulous review in NYTimes can't wait to see it
My Mother Has 4 Noses is coming to the Kate Theater in Old Saybrook CT JULY 1 and 2! Tix: https://t.co/zBtSGU6Pf9 https://t.co/QcsCXMlaJM
RT @philipofthedeep: Heartfelt congratulations to miss Seera @sarabareilles and cast and crew on the opening night of… https://t.co/R9JeUzE5fT
Decadent spring ritual. My once a year baby blue toes. https://t.co/gIMUZegVnB
@solobasssteve love you too. Wicked bad.
Love. This. Show. And, of course, you too, BDJ @briandarcyjames https://t.co/65Emqo0s8b
@solobasssteve there's a new startup doing custom jobbies just like that. Called "Tribute" random shoutouts are better though! Xo
Kinda in love with Sharon Horgan Telling it like it is: "I do think I'm a mess...its fueled all my work..." https://t.co/DgKuSKPtjJ
Thanks PledgeMusic. Hard to think of anything but Prince today. He certainly spoke to midnight and hallelujah! https://t.co/MeIvMDhlUq
RT @thedailybeast: Why you can’t listen to Prince’s music after his death: https://t.co/sojL160RTJ https://t.co/6EMU7am9zm
RT @AndyRichter: https://t.co/vxrDrlX3Pz
Lovesexy for ever and ever.
Oh no. This cannot be true. So very sad. https://t.co/elHHlOWUlD
RT @ryeisenberg: Harriet Tubman will be the first woman to appear on a U.S. currency bill. It's about time. https://t.co/g2b2FA5aXR
Day three no sugar no wheat. What was I thinking? #withdrawalheadache
@marykarrlit I will wait for as long as it takes for whatever it is you do next https://t.co/wFcGA5ndeV
RT @RIPLEYTHEBAND: https://t.co/u8nZo6Y9Ba This is awesome
@Jazzdog40 I filled out my ballot. Just hope it got counted.
I'm ok with that! @AnnaliseEmerick honored in fact! https://t.co/ovLOX6iBO0
@FEFisher3 what a sweet sweet tweet! Thank you https://t.co/Mc1NdMqUPS
RT @addyhouse: If you are in #SanDiego you MUST check out #SupanneeHouseofThai - Simply the best Thai food around! #foodie https://t.co/eAgVJZkbIp
Paranoid? Just watched "recount" movie. Today my name wasn't in the registry when I tried to vot. Luckily no dangling chads on hand ballot.
@briandarcyjames "shaming of the true" rocked last night. I can't wait to see where you take this thing. Can I play acoustic in the pit?
Giddy up @kebmomusic I'm on it! https://t.co/LMoLFFE4ZZ
Love this book. Love this writer. We must have been sisters last time around. https://t.co/TwKwU8PlVN
RT @briandarcyjames: Don't forget Kevin Gilbert's The Shaming of the True tonight @JoesPub https://t.co/6mBuFp2bgZ
@AmherstCollege thank you so much. Xo
RT @AmherstCollege: For this #quoteoftheday, we look back at a powerful story of @jonathabrooke ’85, her mother and a musical about love https://t.co/m2GiCcF85B
Wow. https://t.co/3Gbw55BwN9
So comforting. In a really uncomfortable way. https://t.co/AdTTWk7GX6
@sgpsmith the office can always track me down. Pra@prarecords.com
Back to @SweetwaterSound to make more music. Recording new songs? Priceless. Traveling? Makes me CRANKY https://t.co/gO3lNlAVfs
Back to @SweetwaterSound to make more music. Recording new songs? Priceless. Traveling? Makes me CRANKY https://t.co/0wGMzFq2wY
@HBJGraphix oh my!! That's a serious Jesus!!!
Hamilton! Finally got makeup tickets for my birthday blizzard blowout. Just in time for my husband's birthday. https://t.co/1IyKCDfkJy
@solobasssteve @boohewerdine boo!!! How are ya!
@guerillagirl yay! What a sweet gift! Xo
RT @humansofny: “My friend convinced me to go to church last weekend for the first time in five years. At the end of the service..." https://t.co/0NQvaCVxat
https://t.co/NRmoR7DTgn "Too Much Happiness" Video from songwriting workshop last week. One "music came first!" song. too bad about my hair
@JenniferVazquez @ASCAP @PerfSong "that devil guitar... them shiny shoes.."
Thank you professor Reck! I'm now in the "special things about Amherst" book for prospective students! https://t.co/H4QDo8LZ9d
Best night ever. Knocked sideways by all the talent in that room! https://t.co/5RZQpewn1L
@RevBeccaStevens @marcushummon just joined your thistle farm family. Knocked out by your grace. Can't wait to get my lotion.
Almost home. This crazy island gets me every time. https://t.co/LPwAb3b8Vh
Can't believe the magic in this week's songwriting workshop in Nashville. Bravery and soul spirit. Thank you Lydia https://t.co/rNlGskCmte
My new PledgeMusic campaign is live! Lots of ltd ed items/experiences and as always behind the scenes content. https://t.co/4hKxo1HYL0
Big news! new record, "Midnight. Hallelujah." PledgeCampaign starts tomorrow. Stay tuned! (photo: Erick Anderson) https://t.co/FljxRyozEF
Happy Birthday Carl. New Pledge Music launch! new JB journal here: https://t.co/g7Ree39VJS https://t.co/RIUdIZGRVV
Get in there and get what's yours! https://t.co/Ta59agaLQT
Ringwood. 2pm. Just sayin'! https://t.co/QRH2RrZo9r
Set list backstage in Sellersville last night "Bethoven's 5th" AND "oops, I did it again" Why didn't I think if that https://t.co/wOhE3PqC8z
How did they find me here?? Sellersville PA tonight. Wilmington tomorrow. Ridge wood NJ Sunday afternoon Giddy up https://t.co/ZzszoxOWDt
RT @RamsHeadOnStage: @PattyLarkin and @jonathabrooke will be performing at On Stage, Thurs 3/10 Get tix: https://t.co/lEvZJNVcNE https://t.co/kBr6wDs7Z2
On the road again w @PattyLarkin in Annapolis Sellersville and Wilmington #tiarasrock tix @ https://t.co/4Hc5HBCyqn https://t.co/lukcVnBjXX
@thatgirlmsshe I just saw your Tupelo blog. Ten gazillion thanks for that. Means the world. @jonathabrooke
Oh MY. How can I thank you This made my day: Songs and Swagger: Jonatha Brooke at Tupelo Music Hall https://t.co/nHuOGZwTIv via @HuffPostEnt
On the road again next week. Giddy up and Come on down. https://t.co/Y3qTWKnmDn https://t.co/SAAgtbw69R
RT @RingwoodLibrary: @jonathabrooke performing on Sunday, March 13th at 2 pm. Tickets are $25 each. https://t.co/R5OHTPsEqJ
@Paddington1962 is sellersville PA near there??
@divataunia that's wicked sweet of you! Thanks!
@solobasssteve steve!!!! When will I ever see you..... Too much ocean too little time.
@PDXKevinC D'addario of course!
Ok New York New Jersey peeps! I'm in Ringwood, NJ, March 13! All the hits, all night long. https://t.co/RxeRGlzYBR https://t.co/kO5ICmRTvK
songwriting 101 with Eric Bazilian and Martha Graham "Keeping the channel open" new journal: https://t.co/7d6Pzwa1T2 https://t.co/p8LIxgJrxu
Pretending to be wise. Inside? I'm still twelve years old. Sweet pic from Sid Caesar https://t.co/hIW03X2rRH https://t.co/maUHMXGawH
Such a powerful few days. thank you all who came, sang, guffawed. New journal: https://t.co/l6n44RcI4J https://t.co/8ASMc7zrfS
@fernandogros super sweet! Thx
@PDXKevinC medium gauge 80/20s. Cuz I hate that phosphor bronze twange.
Thank you TCAN! We loved last night's revelry. Photo Rob Bernstein https://t.co/pZqQfbXKkk
Londonderry ruled. Natick here we come! https://t.co/gSgO8XFKZD
Gearing up Singing things twice Rocking up our trio dance moves Are you ready CT NH and NA? https://t.co/EaqjFB9RKu https://t.co/LPnw8L0wbI
Got your tickets yet? I'm bringing the power trio to the "The KATE" on Thursday Giddy Up JB Nate Wood, Sean Driscoll https://t.co/zmL1RohHxT
RIP Maurice White. I will be listening to your music forever and ever. #ShiningStar
RT @smithsonian: Tian Tian, giant panda at our @nationalzoo, does #snowzilla better than all of us #blizzard2016 https://t.co/6lXHXQF9QX
Just saying! Wicked Pissah gig coming up this weekend 1/16 at the Emelin Theater in Mamaroneck, NY. tickets: https://t.co/9bHV71bQIR
I don't have a Boston accent. Whaddya mean? https://t.co/287WsOtMtB
#TBT 5th grade. Horror. Almost never recovered from the Mason Reese haircut and the awful marigold disco shirt. Mom? https://t.co/qXdiCfCob5
One of those top ten moments of all time. That's what happens at Performing Songwriter Creative workshops. https://t.co/i5a57vaZDD
Where did you hide my squeaky toy? https://t.co/LgLyJuvlOM
What? Three sweaters I'd forgotten I was knitting since 2010? Bring on the Holiday knit fest. #downtimeisinorder https://t.co/1Vm5Zz2cXy
Ok, I don't play bass clarinet, but boy is it cool Merry merry, and thanks always.... https://t.co/k7WkwxLMV0 https://t.co/QLLhpk8gyL
It's the little things. Mocchachino masterpiece at Via Quadronno NYC. https://t.co/Wqy8xIlcKc
I. Need. A. Nap. Finally old enough to admit it! https://t.co/SthsNk8F67
So I got the very last seat on the plane home from Detroit. At least someone made it pretty for me. https://t.co/vrro0vJVoE
Best to send in the Sad clowns for acoustic guitar overdubs. #Sweetwatersound #sweetwaterstudios https://t.co/5yX47amZBB
When in doubt? Ukelele. #sweetwatersound #sweetwaterstudios https://t.co/3bHcDblmCm
RT @ASCAP: “We can’t let outdated music licensing laws put songwriters out of business” @ASCAP member Marc Beeson told @FoxNews https://t.co/yBpArVNucL
@CynthiaEriVo going to see color purple AGAIN tonight. So happy for your magnificent reviews. So well deserved. Can't wait.
It's a Robert Shetterly/William Blake kind of day here. Which way will it go? Owl or Crow? https://t.co/2414vRu5OU
@BobStarkSound no, but he did 5 arrangements so it's almost the same! Also, thx for care package! Swamped here, but u never know.
@Rammland working on it! Trying to anchor something to then jump off from!! Sign up on email list so you'll know. https://t.co/Y3qTWKnmDn
@LastDanceProd thank you!!!
@ebrien01 shhhhhhhhhh
Giddy up Handwritten JB lyrics! "Cuz I told you so" is neck and neck with "So Much Mine!" https://t.co/eZabTLFTST https://t.co/6evNA1vRms
@BarbraStreisand @HamiltonMusical @Lin_Manuel this is too much, in the best way!
Ok @CynthiaEriVo you just blew my mind!! Riveted by your voice and presence in the color purple.
@thecolorpurple Nyc. Cannot wait to see this show!!! https://t.co/Ww61uTd4ql
"Message from Malcolm" created @ 1998 at Lenox and 110 2/3 train. https://t.co/7TJi3W2wK4
@funhomebroadway LOVE THIS SHOW. Thank you for making such a powerful beautiful piece.
My little video of Hide Your Love. actually that's the last thing we should do right about now. It's all we got https://t.co/OFb2zXlry6
RT @WCLatTheQueen: ~On Sale Now~ @jonathabrooke & @PattyLarkin on March 12th! Tickets: https://t.co/AITrdlM7Va https://t.co/nren6PuIiO
Now THATS a mascot. Go Red Devils. Dig the lipstick kisses on the wall! #moabfolkfestival https://t.co/boc64572B8
Moab, just quit it. I may not be able to leave. I mean, who could resist this? https://t.co/mElcjtdlE2
Keep the river on your right. Moab, I'm in love https://t.co/5NmWb5c7Xy
Hello mountains. I've missed you so. #Loveland #moabfolkfesthereicome https://t.co/KA3LWcyyEY
RT @BohemianNights: @jonathabrooke will be here in #foco tomorrow at the Armory. Opening artists: Solomon Cook. Tickets… https://t.co/JgaO3yRLIn
RT @EventsColorado: #ThisweekinColorado #fortcollins @Wookiefoot 11/7 @hodis | @jonathabrooke 11/4 @ Armory Events Hall https://t.co/v3bboVazPb
Sweet sweet. @PDXKevinC RIP Sophie. Best outfit ever. https://t.co/tK7kpfUrGP
@PDXKevinC oh no, heartbreak. RIP sweet "doggum" (as mom would say)
RT @SFTT_HACK: @GWNCHFreePress @GreenwichTime GreenwichFndn to host star-filled #VeteransDay Benefit for Vets w #PTSD #TBI https://t.co/RJ5oT7jCzg
What's better than that?? I love these transition days. Trees are making their dramatic… https://t.co/TUhVvMwjyn
@BobStarkSound @torndavid @NicoleGlover @mordyfer @kimbramusic wish I could help. Hanging on to my wurlitzers for dear life.
@MarcusMiller959 Joe Sample Tommy Lipuma, Patrick Rains 1997. Unusual suspects. Still weak in the knees for Patrick! https://t.co/L0cym4T8wh
@TheBuzzAbout no. Me you.
Jonatha Brooke concert! > Fort Collins, CO > Historic Armory building > Nov 4th > Tickets at https://t.co/ptGFHkukjY https://t.co/8or4uxiM32
@WritingOrTyping I just love lemonade I guess!! Xo
@AnnWendy ok will do.
Let me get that call. MCA? “Secrets and Lies” is top 5?... but you’re dropping me. Ok then giddy up BAD DOG RECORDS https://t.co/bnLn99Z5JB
Part of the beauty of having written a song, you find new things in it every time you sing it. http://t.co/2juDFhgGKX
And if you don't know @curtisstigers you really should!!!!
RT @AnnWendy: Latest music review - @jonathabrooke and @PattyLarkin at @landmarkonmain http://t.co/t5ZuLFg0fU
@AnnWendy how can I thank you? Thank you. This is just lovely.
Jonatha Brooke in concert! > November 4th > Fort Collins, Colorado > Tickets at http://t.co/ptGFHkukjY http://t.co/G9jkfwAfas
Performing on David Letterman's show in 2001. https://t.co/ZnjhRfwMmy
Just to be clear.... http://t.co/xbbpJMq9O6
"Careful What You Wish For" https://t.co/Z0NnGjyRBR
RT @lailabiali: Behind the curtain with @jonathabrooke & Nate Wood. #soundcheck #boise #showcase #artsnorthwest http://t.co/qshwJKoqhZ
Nate Wood phantom photo bomb with @lailabiali in BOISE. Soundcheck. http://t.co/0Q9fiRsdwr
Thank you Boise. Thank you Goldy's. Way less cranky this morning. Let's rock this showcase. http://t.co/M5qQXVlLNQ
@CHIEFIDOLOGIST Caroline!!!! Xoxoxo.
@dreamsunwind0 awwww. That's Wicked sweet!
Really? A poodle in order to make it to Denver? Traveling sucks. Dog? Fine. Takes a tantrum to get my guitar on. http://t.co/DcPDQjW97T
Join me for an incredible evening to benefit our troops. Happening November 11th in New York City. http://t.co/UQ75PGqKA4
I'm a truth teller. But I'm also a storyteller. So I've learned which parts of the truth to tell. - Jonatha http://t.co/WHmx7qNaxu
Awesome fun with @PattyLarkin last night. Got your tickets for Tonight @SOPACnow ? Giddy up! http://t.co/TAA4CrTp7k
"Angel In The House" https://t.co/uXCIMPtQGo
So excited to PLAY tonite @landmarkonmain with @PattyLarkin counting minutes. Tickets: http://t.co/qkEnCsxCL5 http://t.co/JvN70qnnyn
Early Story days. circa 1993. I am a late bloomer in many ways. But I have loved every mis-step along the way. #TBT http://t.co/JDfARPC7BJ
Are you going? I am! https://t.co/BR8mRsT9u5
RT @OlneyTheatre: @ruleonwriting calls @Hoppe_House's BAD DOG "downright hilarious, " and hilarious it is! http://t.co/jneSNbBdNn
RT @landmarkonmain: @landmarkonmain has @jonathabrooke & @PattyLarkin in concert this Friday. Great seats only $35 w/ promo code BL35 at http://t.co/l9tOYWv2Au
Just trying to fit in @sandreamland I think there's a good song coming! http://t.co/T89z2sDSF1
I think songwriting, and art in general, is distilling the truth into 100 proof details. http://t.co/L0sA1QC7V0
"Are You Getting This Down?" https://t.co/xPlx6ucRGD
Go "bad dog" GOooooo! https://t.co/QBbwZoUijv
RT @marykarrlit: What would be the cost of not having an enemy? Charles Frazier, Cold Mountain
Jonatha Brooke and Patty Larkin! > Port Washington, NY > Landmark on Main Street​ > Oct 9 > http://t.co/8IhicC5YZX http://t.co/l2avhWnCFA
RT @jes_chastain: Hahahahaha! https://t.co/tjJT4oVVEs
These songs are little vignettes. Anything might happen on any given night with each song. - Jonatha http://t.co/lgEvgL4VRF
"Is This All?" https://t.co/JmksRjQEvW
@TheJunkBunk @kareykirk awwww...Quit it! you're making me blush.
@TheJunkBunk @briandarcyjames LOVED @RottenBroadway wicked pissah bad, as they say in Boston
RT @LauraBenanti: If you or someone you love has suffered a miscarriage, I wrote this for you. http://t.co/vBA32xOOk2
@briandarcyjames OMG. Over the top fabulous. I need to see it ten more times, and find my tap shoes.
Giddy up Something Rotten! Can't believe I got a seat! @briandarcyjames xoxo http://t.co/i5m5urvjxP
RT @BohemianNights: Announcement: @jonathabrooke will perform at the #Armory Nov. 4. Opener: Solomon Cook. Tixs: http://t.co/TJl9O2x4fJ http://t.co/UWMUVon6Mn
@sparkychick3233 way way a fan of Rumi.
Jonatha Brooke concert! > Fort Collins, CO > Historic Armory Building > Nov 4 > http://t.co/ptGFHkukjY http://t.co/Ajcwbe4FZP
Jonatha Brooke concert! > Moab, Utah > @MoabFolk Festival > Nov 6 & 7 > Details at http://t.co/mtxMcj5qwp http://t.co/3jdXLYzIy1
Today at Noon pacific time, Jefferson Public Radio will broadcast a live session with Jonatha. Listen live at http://t.co/ENkyfEE7X4
Jonatha Brooke and Patty Larkin > October 10th > South Orange, NJ > South Orange Performing Arts Center​ http://t.co/s1SkAXbj3V
@TheBuzzAbout I miss you too. Where have you been all my life?
@sparkychick3233 that's wicked sweet. Thank you. Xo
“My Flowers Grow Green.” One of the most romantic lyrics I found in the Woody Guthrie archives. https://t.co/48tTgj3DCe
Friday at Noon pacific, Jefferson Public Radio​ will broadcast a live session with Jonatha. Listen live at http://t.co/ENkyfEE7X4
Heard of @SweetwaterSound? Gear heaven! Also gorgeous recording studio, fancy vault of mics, and awesome slide! http://t.co/aJFkKOQKx9
"Important! This stuff effects us all!!" http://t.co/oQ0PAo2xT6
Better After All ... http://t.co/5fcqfgom1M
Kernels of truth ... http://t.co/hPyyWOe1dU
‘Cause you never, ever know ... http://t.co/TmyRapMayi
"Lullaby". I wrote this the year I was caring for my mother (1999) https://t.co/Y5OuP8QMt1
Kind words. "Songwriter Jonatha Brooke is a strong performer in every sense of the word." http://t.co/gJljvgP5lS
Sheer JOY. I laughed, I cried. James Corden does "Carpool Karaoke" with Stevie Wonder. https://t.co/H4Js4vTrER
@RachelintheOC blushing deep Crimson.....
@theKELword please do!
@theKELword wowee. Honored to be considered. But I don't think I could add one more thing to my plate right now. Xo
@solobasssteve I hope so. I'll definitely practice it!!
RT @RachelintheOC: So I’ve #fangirled @jonathabrooke for years and she’s kind enough to tentatively set up a coffee date with me w/o thinking I’m a stalker
Jonatha Brooke and Patty Larkin > Port Washington, NY > Landmark on Main Street​ > Oct 9th > http://t.co/8IhicC5YZX http://t.co/x7yzNNxpdQ
RT @addyhouse: Yay @Hoppe_House and @OlneyTheatre - We'll laugh, we'll cry... #BADDOG https://t.co/e4q5WBDbCm
In remembrance http://t.co/NufglHGIgL
"Love Is A Battlefield" https://t.co/noY8TeePyO
Misery and songwriting ... http://t.co/jL8T7puO5z
Kindness and generosity inspire me. When someone stops and helps another person? My heart swells. http://t.co/I2Y8qVIPcB
RT @addyhouse: @msmitharena just described @Hoppe_House's BAD DOG to a T! Come see us @OlneyTheatre https://t.co/gTj4K6wJuB
In the round, last Saturday. Still pinching myself. "I can't make you love me, " then "Arthur's Theme." Heart. Full. http://t.co/BW48nonnm0
I live in minor keys and have trouble writing a bright, happy song, even if the lyric is chipper. It's just who I am. http://t.co/NWwno0NoLe
Chloe Beck turned 20 on day 2 of my songwriting workshop last week in Nashville. New Journal: http://t.co/HjdQdxlb4z http://t.co/xMRj6q0NK3
@theKELword I think I'm gonna frame it for a rainy day...
@solobasssteve @emilysaliers @thelocals another top ten moment!!
@nicholenordeman grateful! Thank you
@theKELword thank you so very much. Thrilled to be out and about again.
"Brooke has long been one of the most literate songwriters in the business" http://t.co/z0XSd0JKkT http://t.co/dHIgeoxV7v
Kinda can't get over hanging with @emilysaliers at my songwriting workshop in Nashville. Brilliant. I am So grateful http://t.co/oGeDPq0rsP
It's the thing I've struggled with my entire career -- how much I say in songs that I would never say in person. http://t.co/jTUQCWwPHy
"West Point" I get lonely, get depressed, don't sleep well nights, can't get dressed I can't help myself https://t.co/EKDETZHnj5
@sinemsaniye @Indigo_Girls Top ten day.
RT @sinemsaniye: Tears of pure JOY today. 😭 Thank you @Jonathabrooke + Emily @Indigo_Girls! #songwriters #inspiration #criedmakeupoff http://t.co/K9NcYs5r20
The songwriting jigsaw puzzle ... http://t.co/pGm07oK83W
With songwriting, be open ... http://t.co/H6g2mA3Amu
RT @somuchsound: Nashville we mean business @jolawry and I are playing your fine city @CityWineryNSH Aug 30 w/phenom @jonathabrooke. http://t.co/4kIWiQ4S5y
@kimmiechem2 so funny. My mom hated that cover: "why is it out of focus? You're such a pretty girl, I why do you like such ugly pictures?"
"I'll Try" https://t.co/agA6ylO52z
Jonatha Brooke and Patty Larkin​ > Port Washington, NY > October 9th > Tickets: http://t.co/agj2GkmQlP http://t.co/oHcmrK0Xhx
There is a magic and a sacredness to songwriting that I still find mysterious and impossible to quantify. http://t.co/7naTiXXZxv
"Steady Pull" http://t.co/8NiCMGbWJ1
@TheBuzzAbout yeah, clogs are off limits ever since my seventh grade shaming cuz I had the uncool kind.
I used to call my cell and clog my voicemail with these loopy melodies. Now thank God for the voice memo shebangie. http://t.co/kUxFvjsE5J
"Taste of Danger" from the recent performance at @McCabesGuitar in Santa Monica, CA. https://t.co/tfVh1wt8a6
Nashville, it's been way too long. But I'm coming! > City Winery > August 30th > Tickets at http://t.co/okmZhwYXjr http://t.co/l60eectuHd
This song gets nearer and dearer to me each time I sing it. 'So Much Mine' at the Rubin Museum, NYC. https://t.co/xMW16WZfVQ
One mistake that most new songwriters make? Throwing in the kitchen sink! http://t.co/EbMxdDcKaY
Word is my set is now at 6pm tonight @WomensRedrock see u THEN. http://t.co/B2fOLPtrwf
It's heating up in Torrey Utah. @WomensRedrock http://t.co/wJ4kOPUVpW
@erinmckeown killin' it in Torrey Utah! @WomensRedrock http://t.co/02F6FCstJY
Breakfast of America. @erinmckeown and me at the Kiva Koffeehouse in.... The middle of Utah. http://t.co/QTpdFZRc2m
On the road again.... Tomorrow. Sand Point Idaho with. wait for it. Arlo Guthrie! Kinda dreamy. Can't wait. http://t.co/nzwZjuV8f6
Finally, a new, completely "naked soul" acoustic version of ... my all time saddest song ... "Inconsolable!" https://t.co/re5EESkDSm
Rubin Museum Naked Soul Series RULES. Thank you all who shared that sacred space Friday. http://t.co/WwXOHTWzU0
Working on a couple new ideas for the shows coming up. Thinking of growing my hair out … and my horns … http://t.co/lDwg9yXqVT
"All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me". From last week's show at McCabe's Guitar Shop​. https://t.co/jyR3mka7Ie
This Friday, July 31, at the @RubinMuseum in New York City! Tickets at http://t.co/l6RM6VngST http://t.co/fMfqgrvRDW
@ameliarayrocks so great to see you after all these years!
@MyNameIsGaron really? No! Did you try ticketmaster too? So sorry.
@JaneAustenCode now that's a great idea! Love LFY!!!!
@ebrien01 happy birthday. Loved hanging a little after the show! Best front row people ever!
Tonight at Kuumbwa Jazz​ in Santa Cruz, California! Tickets at http://t.co/dtZPAA8Y02 http://t.co/pIlECEmexP
OMG. This place!! Are you coming?? http://t.co/L0UoKv1a4w http://t.co/Vhkrw4POS0
RT @common: All music creators should B treated fairly. If U love art, then support it! #FairPlayFairPay http://t.co/Ki74330uS1 http://t.co/BZ5wEoVzBu
OMG Portland tonight!! It's been way too long and I've missed you so ... the way that you Linger!! https://t.co/Xp2jS2TmO4
This weekend's shows! Details and tickets at http://t.co/EaqjFBrsC2 > July 17 - Winston, OR > July 18 - Portland, OR http://t.co/GmHRBUfTkQ
I will watch the rain fall harder I will stay and you will go I won't beg and I won't barter I won't say I told you so #Jonatha
Tonight at @TheTripleDoor in Seattle. Then: > July 16 - Bend, OR > July 17 - Winston, OR > July 18 - Portland, OR http://t.co/EoHWYTezlA
Thanks @allieacts - that's some good company! https://t.co/4NuE9cMQYB
RT @thebulletin: . @jonathabrooke brings new songs to Munch and Music #inbend Thursday. http://t.co/5fgD19JZjM
@peopleslight just sent your memories and sweet comments from our "4Noses" run there. It is Treasure. Thank you http://t.co/tL8Mo2L5WM
@lailabiali is a musical/heart/soul joy! Can't wait to play! Oregon here we come! https://t.co/kJFNmIzPaz
Phew. My summer Pumas finally arrived. http://t.co/pLVJlTfrHC
Love that one! ("What you don't know") We had fun right Bazzer?? Esp. The crazy toy piano part at the end. https://t.co/6TVbJQHbly
When recording, the important thing to remember is not to make it too perfect. - Jonatha http://t.co/I3kHYtquRe
Happy 4th of July http://t.co/YNTRpYkoAt
It's that I leap and then I look At all the chances that I took http://t.co/Xy9VPE7Mrx
@Sokurah I miss Copenhagen too. ;( so hard to find ways to make it all work.
@lacgak52 was just in philly for two weeks doing my show "4 noses!"
Back atcha @somuchsound xo https://t.co/qEIh3oRxbu
I am hitting the road again in a couple of weeks! For the full schedule and ticket links go to http://t.co/EaqjFBrsC2 http://t.co/fJ94wXVEXw
Really? No really. Why? http://t.co/MUS6CRBHeZ
RT @CNN: Music icon #GlenCampbell gives you a revealing look at his public battle with Alzheimer's: http://t.co/zLp0UT6kdP http://t.co/So0C31h1Zj
@wxpnfm me and Michaela... And there's a pensive Joni in the background. Hurrah for brave moves and bold new ideas! http://t.co/KJeozQpp7N
Always a treat to keep the conversation going with @jasonkarlawish @MakingSofAlz https://t.co/1ppopbQ5tK
I will always treasure my time at "camp noses"@peopleslight - you are family now. Thank you https://t.co/PodiQWjsoL
Love you both! @lailabiali https://t.co/1UBA7qZjKF
So excited for Michaela Majoun @wxpnfm and whatever she'll cook up next. http://t.co/6Fpv2gVHO6
And you say You're okay But you live your life like it's over https://t.co/AATXvZ7sr2
#TBT They used to call me Mason, after Mason Reese from the Smorgasbord commercials @72 Could it be the dumb haircut? http://t.co/h2a27anHlQ
"I knew that I had to tell the story. And I knew it was bigger than just making another record." https://t.co/hZRWclEr3C
Audiences react to "My Mother Has 4 Noses" https://t.co/KAQeFdfYTz
The title track from "Careful What You Wish For" https://t.co/mEJU3fAwri
Almost 20 years since dad died. Still one of my favorite shots ever. http://t.co/A69vVZV1lp
RT @peopleslight: This weekend ONLY tix to @jonathabrooke's #4Noses are $25 + $5 fees with promo code NOSES25 http://t.co/SeEwX9z3Fd http://t.co/9XSiNAH9FZ
Best warm up pre show? The hula hoop! http://t.co/J3vAj1LVr4
Post show Hula great therapy for the band. Rebecca, cello, gets silver. Sean, guitar, bronze. http://t.co/o67Il81VF1 http://t.co/ajQhItZIln
RT @XPNMembership: XPN members, check your e-mail for a special discount code to see @jonathabrooke’s #4Noses at @peopleslight https://t.co/MYZ4bj6fxH
RT @PhillyEntertain: Singer-songwriter @jonathabrooke brings life with her eccentric mom to Malvern stage http://t.co/u3b9fBkSOh http://t.co/6S0KSNR7LU
"Emotional, powerful and wonderful ‘My Mother Has 4 Noses’ now at People’s Light" http://t.co/wRu5imcTXW
RT @TheKeyXPN: Listen to @jonathabrooke perform songs off "My Mother Has 4 Noses" on air w/ Michaela Majoun | http://t.co/0i3AA7rM7B http://t.co/NROC66xUFz
If I were a superhero, I would pay off everyone's mortgage and buy them tap shoes. http://t.co/4Hc5HBU9hV http://t.co/0gRZ8aCwUj
Marketing is everything. Mom would've been so impressed. Noses everywhere. #4noses14shows People's Light, Malvern, PA http://t.co/rrThC1cK0l
Made my day! @hornerjill thank you! https://t.co/mmqCqTBPPw
'My Mother Has 4 Noses' comes to People's Light http://t.co/RZxEGQfnq5 via @metronewyork
OMG. Giddy up. We are so ready to bring you 4 noses tonight. Come on down and bring your hankies! https://t.co/BbbDkLhZLb
My Mother Has 4 Noses at the @peopleslight in Malvern, PA! Tickets at http://t.co/4LtbroY4lQ http://t.co/QYzqtKnfqb
I'm a truth teller. But I'm also a storyteller. So I've learned which parts of the truth to tell. http://t.co/vpm09rUQAW
Finally listening to @D'Angelo's new record. Black Messiah. Yes. So happy he's back.
Thank you my beloved Michaela. Had to wear a parka and scarf for the AC. But you always keep me warm. @wxpnfm http://t.co/FNUpwb3htB
Omg its early. But Its for Michaela @wxpnfm. Giddy up and listen in the 9am hour. We may finally explain life itself http://t.co/R0plT9Ndc9
I think songwriting, and art in general, is distilling the truth into 100 proof details.
RT @ASCAP: Love music? Please ask Congress to #StandWithSongwriters and support the #SongwriterEquityAct http://t.co/yynWUwModh http://t.co/LzIk6UJtU0
God Bless FUN HOME. There IS room for complicated, dark family tragi-comedy on Broadway. AND in PA: 4 noses snippet https://t.co/fd5O6KzmAC
GO @ClevePlayHouse congrats on your TONY! We love you. http://t.co/NKZm8GZuzv http://t.co/zQRAWB1HrU
@MyNameIsGaron I wish!!! But we are working on it I promise. Theatre is soooo slow!
Our Pal Elliott's unique blessing for the very first 4 Noses workshop Look at us now! @peopleslight #photobombmom http://t.co/JB7xy62yt1
"My Mother Has 4 Noses" is coming to the @peopleslight in Malvern, PA June 16 - June 28! https://t.co/xPlx6ucRGD
Super excited to join this. All to benefit Alzheimer’s research. SATURDAY! Discount at http://t.co/VYz4pi5FwN http://t.co/X9I840pbgM
This Sunday! for “Acoustic Lennon: A Benefit for the John Lennon Real Love Project.” http://t.co/gleJDYftod http://t.co/swswBk8LvG
@kristencusato you can reach the office at pra@prarecords.com cheers
RT @peopleslight: @jonathabrooke's My Mother Has #4Noses runs June 16-28 presented with @wxpnfm & @worldcafelive http://t.co/SeEwX9hsNF http://t.co/FyPgb12L1g
Ready set Rams Head!! Did you get your tix yet? http://t.co/Qbjn3pFgtA http://t.co/186Ng3FHah
Then Sunday at the @RamsHeadOnStage in Annapolis, MD. Tickets for that show at http://t.co/1ofJrwrPpf #jonathabrooke
Performing tonight at @thebirchmere in Alexandria, VA! Tickets at http://t.co/Gi0D3Dx2dY http://t.co/Soei9PqwqK
RT @RamsHeadOnStage: You can purchase tickets to see @jonathabrooke this Sunday here ----> http://t.co/z1y0q73VBM http://t.co/xZCPnzjXlu
RT @jolawry: Tonight @thebirchmere with @jonathabrooke and @somuchsound , come along Alexandria, VA!
iTunes has Jonatha Brooke summer sale! All my albums except “4 Noses” are just $5.99! https://t.co/LHvEppn5th http://t.co/JmLOlLdprq
RT @TheBuzzAbout: Hey @jonathabrooke, full tour schedule. Where will you be 6/16-6/28? @peopleslight with #4noses! YES! Info at http://t.co/z2HPWSXZin
RT @somuchsound: Playing w/@jonathabrooke and @jolawry in Annapolis 5/31 and Alexandria 5/29. Get tickets now, it's gonna be great. I've seen the song list.
IMG 4626: http://t.co/EhloyqpPdj via @YouTube
For Memorial Day http://t.co/vPhAqA2Kc9
RT @RamsHeadOnStage: We are excited to have these beauties, @jonathabrooke & @jolawry on 5/31. You can purchase tickets here http://t.co/z1y0q73VBM
These songs are little vignettes. They're little tiny plays. Anything might happen on any given night with each song. http://t.co/BPy4uKkkMl
Next Friday at @thebirchmere in Alexandria! Tickets at http://t.co/Gi0D3Dx2dY. What songs are you hoping to hear? http://t.co/7Nq4BMHIj9
Performing on Letterman's show http://t.co/dhCcCAsAqi
Why is everyone in NYC wearing friggin' patchouli again? Is this some sick joke Prada And Gucci are playing on us? Just quit it!
A song I've been singing for twenty years will suddenly break my heart. (photo: Andrea Scher) http://t.co/iGIQLmc3XW
RT @RamsHeadOnStage: At the end of this month we have @jonathabrooke on 5/31. You can grab tickets here--> http://t.co/z1y0q73VBM #OnStage
Love you big time @ClevePlayHouse http://t.co/ecYNfz8ECz
Last two shows. It's breaking my heart we can't stay @ClevePlayHouse forever! http://t.co/ATcQTwaMFr
Talking about the Cleveland run of "4 Noses" on WKYC Channel 3 - Cleveland ... http://t.co/owVq7WFDtT
"Earth is forgiveness school." Just a perfect little reminder from Anne Lamott. Yes. @ANNELAMOTT
Oh B. B. Rest in peace. And THANK YOU for your shining beautiful soul. http://t.co/2KGaGxXNpX
O. M. G. The afterglow. Cleveland gave "4 Noses" opening night the biggest hug! Thank you @ClevePlayHouse http://t.co/UzvtXoiDAY
View from my spot on the stage at the Allen Theater. First show tonight! Love this place. Love our team. http://t.co/n7eRREEkY6
Giddy up!! Xoxo https://t.co/heca2p3pGa
I support @LiveConnections #KidsCount! Just $50=free music edu for 4 kids. Watch: https://t.co/oHxj9mIZhR Give: http://t.co/LSvXN9lSoy
Getting kinda psyched. What a gorgeous theater! Lucky giddy girl! #4noses @ClevePlayHouse http://t.co/dKpBI5qGc6
Just 3 more days! Tickets on sale now at http://t.co/S6Qj1lDlxA http://t.co/H6lS6D1RkL
Always heaven talking to Dee Perry @WCPN Cleveland @ClevePlayHouse A little laughter. A few tears. Airs Thursday http://t.co/QvXfvsiT06
Omg. Thank you Plain Dealer! http://t.co/0jdfn5y22L http://t.co/hsVoWH9jSK
Cleveland! Love you already! I can even see a tiny corner of Lake Erie from my perch. @ClevePlayHouse http://t.co/SVtgrpjVa4
Not able to attend or tune in to the WXPN concert on Friday? You can listen to it at http://t.co/1hvUi4drO2 http://t.co/ezX2soMJ0X
I get a free cookie even though I'm only a step mom Cleveland! And then there I am Get your tix yet? @ClevePlayHouse http://t.co/PgBVaDlJLk
WXPN here I come! Free at noon. Giddy up! Listen live here: http://t.co/M0CmKBPkGX http://t.co/zslW74OwdB
@GraceandFrankie is coming to NETFLIX! My brilliant friends @Hoppe_House and Nancy Fichman are writers on the show. @nytimes review PSYCHED
RT @ClevePlayHouse: Audiences are connecting with "My Mother Has 4 Noses, " coming May 14-16 @jonathabrooke #CPHNewGround https://t.co/l6lS0wJlM7
RT @worldcafelive: This Friday, @jonathabrooke returns to WCL for a @wxpnfm #FreeAtNoon! RSVPs are still open: http://t.co/yGAmvu83pP http://t.co/xK2kxMlJyx
Cleveland shows! Tickets on sale now at http://t.co/S6Qj1lDlxA http://t.co/abNfItfKl2
LULLABY! @michaelelyanow @TheaterLatteDa First night out. Chills. And thrills. I love this play. Come see it! http://t.co/wRKpgUWbKq
It's the thing I've struggled with my entire career, - how much I say in songs that I would never say in person. http://t.co/DsRUawWoLa
I love this play. @michaelelyanow I love these songs And I get to kiss a girl Are you coming? @theaterLatteDa LULLABY http://t.co/OinqRhka7G
@colleenglenney working on some Boston ideas. Crossing fingers and toes.
RT @TheaterLatteDa: We had a chat with LULLABY's @jonathabrooke. Here's what she had to say. http://t.co/dgVswbsfEB #NEXT #StartsThursday http://t.co/JksxRR3OYS
RT @peopleslight: Exclusive dinner with @jonathabrooke, proceeds help extend the run of My Mother Has #4Noses! http://t.co/95wN0vWeDg http://t.co/pojbQnv4Dv
Kindness and generosity inspire me. When someone stops and helps another person? My heart swells. http://t.co/PQrO7emfso
What's better than workshopping a new play, new songs, in Minneapolis? Nothing. https://t.co/DYeBMUv3J4
YAY!! Go "BAD DOG!!" - @Hoppe_House 's new play is rocking @OrlandoShakes I love Jenn and this play so bad it hurts! http://t.co/ch2vX3gCR5
The more I create songs the more I realize how much I really leave in them. I’m down to the bone, you know? http://t.co/nRSgt7CT8Z
RT @antondudley: @ellenharveynyc just rocked my & @jonathabrooke song ABOUT US @RealmTheatre - raising over 21K for their next season! & making me ecstatic!
@antondudley @ellenharveynyc @RealmTheatre devastated I can't be there tonight! Send updates! Xo
RT @antondudley: You know it's gonna be a great day when it ends w/ the incomparable @ellenharveynyc singing a song you wrote w/ @jonathabrooke @RealmTheatre
@emmaleighfletch Songwriters block calls for drastic action. Do laundry, then make toast That impasse will yield by the time the sheets dry
@RIPLEYTHEBAND you are pretty dreamy yourself!!
RT @michaelelyanow: On the final scene of LULLABY, my new play-with-music. Workshop starts in 2 days with the incredible @jonathabrooke! http://t.co/5CsKlDbXhN
When recording, the important thing to remember is not to make it too perfect. http://t.co/Rx7zkWaYGP
RT @MoabFolk: @raywylie @marygauthier @johnrfullbright @DarWilliamsTour @AndrewDuhon @jonathabrooke @TheSmallGlories November 6-8, 2015 @MoabFolk
Alexandria, Virginia! Tickets at http://t.co/Gi0D3Dx2dY http://t.co/swu9pRgw7w
RT @addyhouse: Can't wait for you to see it! @jonathabrooke @Hoppe_House And @OrlandoShakes should produce any one of your beautiful pieces! #MMH4N maybe?
This just in! I'm teaching a songwriting workshop this summer in Nashville. Check it out here: http://t.co/V89Rg8VuEd http://t.co/xOMlspAFJA
My brilliant friend Jennifer Hoppe's @Hoppe_House play "BAD DOG" rocked Orlando Shakes. Check out the review! http://t.co/HoGzkqEzD4
So sad. What a treasure. He will be missed. http://t.co/P2KK2cJRhx
There for Congressman Nadler’s announcement of the new “Fair Play, Fair Pay” legislation we MUST get passed. http://t.co/p8ldz7TBml
RT @NotableMusicCo: @rosannecash speaks out for creators! #FairPlayFairPay Thx @RepJerryNadler #ContentCreatorsCoalition @musicFIRST! http://t.co/qDKAn8ajm4
RT @rosannecash: W/ @tiftmerritt @jonathabrooke @reallycassandra @gloriagaynor @ElvisCostello. Take action: http://t.co/EVsQJD9gIp https://t.co/tSi9WonRRx
An homage to @benatargiraldo. Of course I had to make an even more tortured version!!! https://t.co/noY8TeePyO
#tbt long before I started writing songs, I was a ballerina. So I always keep a tutu on hand just in… https://t.co/64SBUWP1ch
RT @TimMcHenryRubin: Tantric art meets @jonathabrooke who returns to http://t.co/CDq014BXq6 singer/songwriter series. Tix for July 31 just went on sale! Excited.
RT @PerfSong: 3 workshops for this summer just announced with @marygauthier_ , @bncmusic, and @jonathabrooke — woo hoo! http://t.co/NpqW321j6G
Are you there God? It's me, Jonatha! Q to Q at HOPPER!! #hopperthemusical #tonightimtheband #egads https://t.co/lnNl5ioevZ
@solobasssteve busted
@solobasssteve let me count the ways I adore you!!
RT @antondudley: My collaborators @jonathabrooke & @FunkFreak @aupac tech of #Hopper - oh yeah, and a punching bag! This show rocks! http://t.co/bNUCnqckjo
RT @jeffpearlman: @jonathabrooke You're a big part of the Quaz Q&A retrospective as I look back at first 199 entries. Thanks so much. http://t.co/QdaNZYwJXy
@jeffpearlman thrilled to be a part of your world!
I get my best ideas when I'm just this tired!! #hopperthemusical https://t.co/OkybmdhB5a
RT @allieacts: Hopper, a new musical adaptation of The Frog Prince written by @antondudley and @jonathabrooke, is coming to @aupac: https://t.co/pAiwxcHJjT
5 train tonight. Totally hear that! https://t.co/8bjSs89jAm
Right here, right now. Penn Station. I guess I forgot my green hat. https://t.co/rMhQFZXqAi
@danapleasant YES! Triple Door! I think it's July 11.
Washington Blade says: "Lesbian singer-songwriter Jonatha Brooke performs at the Birchmere May 29." I'll have to tell my husband to get tix.
Incredible night last night at B. B. Kings NYC with Keb Mo. The grooves were deep. The band was tight… https://t.co/4mJpSRwhjp
Thank you“@lt_lynch: Sweet music flowed on 3/13/15 with @jonathabrooke in concert at #OutpostintheBurbs ck it out at http://t.co/vcyZvSuk7G
Hoping the Angel in the House fans will appreciate this! Thank you Outpost in the Burbs and Gail Prusslin. http://t.co/OwGzA80iGB
What a sweet night at Outpost in the Burbs! Scott Wolman broke out his "Noses" t shirt for the… https://t.co/gZxiZqrCpb
Embarrassed to say I just now figured out Jimmy Buffett was looking for his "lost shaker of salt" #thebigquestions
Getting kinda psyched about my gig Friday. #girlneedstosingdammit https://t.co/SoGCzp6Wiy
@gretchenpeters @jonathabrooke @SubCulture_NYC love that place and everyone there!!
@gretchenpeters @SubCulture_NYC awwww. Wish I could be there.
OMG the sets at Hopper the musical. I'm in heaven. MD @FunkFreak @antondudley #hopperthemusical #sweetestshow http://t.co/Ga4YesWI6L
It's a hopper kind of day! Billy the meerkat cheering us on. #hopperthemusical https://t.co/LjRJ1GNQPn
RT @antondudley: Rocking the first week of rehearsals for #hopper w/ Debra Barsha & @jonathabrooke - living in a fairy tale #newplay #musical
Hopper day one. Lucky meerkat helping us turn pages. #hopperthemusical @funkfreak @jonathabrooke https://t.co/TUDFZmmGnz
@angrymiddleaged now I remember. ;)
@angrymiddleaged was I wearing pants??
According to poll star, I opened for @MileyCyrus a few years ago. That must have been fun! http://t.co/jCw9jyvYSF
Monica Seles is brave to talk about her eating disorder. Pushing a new amphetamine drug to treat it? Not so sure.
Misophonia! There's finally a name for why I almost assaulted that guy on the plane who wouldn't turn his phone alerts off.
“@rosannecash: Thanks, @SoundExchange! On the front lines of saving us all http://t.co/Raaf4e9Y2Q
New Journal. Nashville. And I'm so psyched they're finally admitting that FAT in your food is a good idea. sheesh. http://t.co/0BSU0whU4B
@curtisstigers @PerfSong @bncmusic @kebmomusic Just needed a little Curtis Stigers in the mix to throw it over the top!!
RT @curtisstigers: Hey @PerfSong you put @bncmusic @jonathabrooke & @kebmomusic all in the same room? You're lucky you didn't cause a talent avalanche.
RT @PerfSong: Just finished @bncmusic workshop with Mike Reid + surprise guests @jonathabrooke & @kebmomusic. Simply, wow. http://t.co/fCRUA6Zf4a
RT @antondudley: First production mtg for new #musical #Hopper @aupac w/ @jonathabrooke - jaw on floor from gorgeous designs. The frog prince comes 2 life!
RT @TheBuzzAbout: Somedays, you wake up & know things are fine, because @jonathabrooke & her collection of pants are in the world. http://t.co/TRrONoj4iH
Just can't wait to PLAY 3/13! Got tickets? Outpost in the burbs in Montclair, NJ here I come. https://t.co/Jo5lVkglWb
RT @RamsHeadOnStage: .@jonathabrooke is coming back!! Yippeee!! Here in May. #Jonatha #4Noses #Ramsheadonstage http://t.co/ewc68xMM5R on sale now!
Really? Hot flashes last ten years? I'm outta here. Lady woes are too cruel for school.
Me and Marc Cohn backstage at City Winery. So exciting. Happy Valentine's Day. http://t.co/ovf5kSjobV
@jannarden sweetest tweet ever!
Awesome news. 350, 000 streams of "choose your battles" (co-write on @katyperry 's PRISM) netted me $2.72! I'm going to Disney Land.
RT @JohnGalMusic: Always cool 2 see a pic of one of your favorite artists on the wall @jonathabrooke in @tigerlilycafe in Port Jeff, LI http://t.co/mSh6PcPQRd
@JohnGalMusic @tigerlilycafe and that's my favorite ballerina guitar strap! Where the hell did I put that thing?
"City Of" @antondudley s new play is MAGIC. Go see it @RealmTheatre
So excited to see @antondudley and his new play "city of" @RealmTheatre tonite!!!!
View from behind the microphone. No pressure. Just three new songs for new show "Hopper!" With Anton… http://t.co/tLchIPr8jw
@jannarden and hello to you! How goes it? Xo
#throwbackthursday whose creepy hand is that? Why did I think it would be a good idea to dress up as… http://t.co/iHd72n0Wa5
Go YOUTUBE! it just keeps getting better! I may have to go back to being a modern dancer to make a living. http://t.co/6gHXXfzfxr
So happy Spotify raised 500 million more dollars in venture capital. Think that'll trickle down to us? Not a chance! http://t.co/zrxjkikEAH
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! #bringontheblizzard http://t.co/0AUAxrnubP
RT @TimTurnerMusic: @jonathabrooke is one of the most INCREDIBLE singer/songwriters my ears have ever had the pleasure of listening to! You are pure genius! :)
@TimTurnerMusic thank you ten gazillion!!
RT @SubCulture_NYC: LOW TICKET ALERT! There are 10 tickets left for tonight's performance w @jonathabrooke! Get them while you still can: http://t.co/pwOWd0qbSn
So happy Spotify and Satellite Radio are looking out for us artists. http://t.co/xuqRFz9vgM
RT @SubCulture_NYC: LOW TICKET ALERT: Limited tickets available for @jonathabrooke on 1/19! $25 in adv, $30 day of: http://t.co/DAEY4UaZYm
Can't wait for @Miranda_July 's new book "the first bad man."
@poedavid @allieacts @brookefraser and stacks of cool background vocals!!
@allieacts @brookefraser @poedavid nice company!! many thanks Allie. happy 2015!
@solobasssteve @kristinhersh @jonathabrooke @rosannecash I still love you Steve Lawson!!!! Happy New Year!
New favorite CD. A compilation of German artists doing their favorite Disney songs!! Number 11?… http://t.co/qjpDJTrprW
RT @BellHouseNY: Tonight! @DarWilliamsTour + @jonathabrooke & more surprise guests!! Tickets & Info: http://t.co/PDaHW6DAfX http://t.co/XnUXrBJ292
My "night blooming jasmine" came up with one gorgeous flower for xmas eve day. Sergio??? Mom??? http://t.co/jrmPx8TBrk
RT @solobasssteve: new song from @jonathabrooke - https://t.co/bGoqrkpBt9 - no surprise, it's incredible xx
@solobasssteve love you steve lawson!!
@eOneEntDist @allanraible actually it's #25 "my mother has 4 noses" but thanks for the shout out!!
Thanks ABC news!!! I'm number 25 out of fifty best albums of the year. Great company too! http://t.co/AEQPdPXY4H
@erikpiepenburg you Rule. Xoxo jb
RT @erikpiepenburg: Watch me on NY1 this weekend for a convo with @patrickhealynyt about @jonathabrooke and other favorite theater moments of 2014.
RT @nytimestheater: Stage Moments 2014: @jonathabrooke and kalimba from "My Mother Has 4 Noses" http://t.co/gV1S0wVikx #InPerformance http://t.co/iKBD4Y64cY
THANK YOU so much for the love @erikpiepenburg at @nytimestheater http://t.co/NBSjRZgYHV
We are down to the last 25. I don't think Warner is even manufacturing these any more. My life passing… http://t.co/4NzLBVF8kg
Santa came to my building tonite!! http://t.co/KkOW4gqAgf
@dcwhite6660 cutest pic EVER!! thx for sharing!
Just a friendly reminder about the Holiday SALE over in JBRO land!!! 50% off EVERYTHING. 4 noses… http://t.co/q9x3AUMIjU
JBro Holiday Sale! Everything is 50% off. Real CDs with pictures and liner notes Real collector's "4 Noses" t-shirts! http://t.co/eZabTMf5Sv
"Paying for music has become a lifestyle choice" ah, kinda like gluten free. ok got it, but now what? I didn't choose my new lifestyle!
@macbarnett i love your new book "Sam and Dave Dig a Hole" and i think it will be my christmas gift for grownups.
@StillAlice I made everyone who helped with my mom read the book...but do I have the guts to see the movie? #tooclosetohome
@RIPLEYTHEBAND @tedgioia LOVE Alice Ripley!!!
Thank you @tedgioia for putting "my mother has 4 noses" in your top 100! http://t.co/GUslCygtw6
Throw Forward Thursday. Then maybe Friday will bring the damn chorus of this song!! #museswamp… http://t.co/5JBtnriyt9
@tracy_bonham pledge rules! And those hand written lyric sheets were a hit. Hmmm bring them back for Santa?
When are @jason_mraz and I gonna write a song together? Just sayin'.
RT @baxjenni: @NicaShirey @Pharrell U NEED 2 win, ur voice is incredible...next week, breakMyHeart ballad, PLEASE! #Inconsolable by @jonathabrooke MAYBE?
David Sanborn, Mark Hudson and me at the Blue Note NYC Saturday nite. Dave's still pumpin' out the… http://t.co/gsOCKeSr1h
RT @SubCulture_NYC: ON SALE: @JonathaBrooke 1/19 Tickets $25 adv/ $30 day of performance! http://t.co/pwOWcZzoub
Definitely a concise and worthwhile read. Such a strange battle to even have to fight. http://t.co/EobfX8WtCe
Omg. I get to sing with @jolawry again!! Her show is Thursday oct. 30 at @subculture_nyc you MUST go!!!! http://t.co/axDSrnnTrp
RT @AmherstCollege: The latest from #WellMixed: @jonathabrooke ’85 on how her mother’s Alzheimer’s led her to Broadway. http://t.co/4sxE0WC
RT @quigdette: wow. powerful #Alzheimers #love (@jonathabrooke u should ck this out). Glen Campbell Says Goodbye in Final Recording http:/…
Gets me every time. Bend, Oregon. The air is pure, the pace is calm, the peace is palpable. The… http://t.co/2k1Y00QVMu
Bend, Oregon here we come. Drinking to Joe Sample at Houston Airport. Gorgeous, devastating ceremony… http://t.co/ron83HhJVz
One of my Favorite moments from subculture_nyc tonite? Paul Mitchell sportin' the famous Linny Lou… http://t.co/NJDTkuc1h2
RT @SubCulture_NYC: We agree! MT @jolawry DO NOT MISS @jonathabrooke @SubCulture_NYC tom. night! Rehearsal was heaven and we wanna share a …
RT @jolawry: Team-building exercise for tomorrow night's gig with @jonathabrooke at SubCulture. Checking out some… http://t.co/wzAy5WQAVU
Bittersweet. Playing Joe Sample's piano practicing for my gig subculture_nyc Thursday. "God only knows… http://t.co/3jvTCyEwW4
Joe Sample passed away this evening at about 10pm Houston time. I will never forget his brilliant… http://t.co/Gn2UDJtVTT
HARMONY http://t.co/dZLcxkfzbP
A little nostalgic yes. But thank God I still get to sing. Got your tickets yet??… http://t.co/o2n0KEuX20
At the 103 and Lex 6 train. There's always tomorrow... If you wash it off before it dries... http://t.co/59t2pDb0Xv
Anniversary. Love of my life. I'd like 100 more years please! (Pic from opening night of "4noses") http://t.co/XWREX1JsGU
"Boolie" circa 1971. London. With a secret I wish I still knew! #throwbackthursday #jbro #boolie http://t.co/yo4zhwznPi
Where did my SPAM t shirt go?? Throwback Thursday circa "PLUMB?" #throwbackthursday #jbro #plumb http://t.co/Ftl2ceB9YU
Back by popular demand, another performance at @SubCulture_NYC on Thursday, Sept. 18th! Tickets here: https://t.co/BMHqDRXJ67
RT @SubCulture_NYC: Just Announced! The return of @jonathabrooke (we couldn't resist) on September 18. http://t.co/1GLj5jhoxR
@solobasssteve and you know they tried!!! "You can't have a jazz piano solo in a pop song..." umm. yes you CAN. I adore you Steve!!!!
RT @solobasssteve: E.G. anyone trying to tell me that Inconsolable by @jonathabrooke would've been better shorter can unfollow me now https…
Lord of the Pants Monday. Taking me back to my seventh grade Osh Kosh's. #jbro #lordofthepants http://t.co/HJ0mledekI
so very cool. @RebeccaRotert And now, I'm going out to get your BOOK!
Beautiful piece in NY Times Sunday review: "Mysteries of my father's mind" by @RebeccaRotert
My mother and father, circa 1970. Mom may have been the original "Lord of the Pants!" #jbro… http://t.co/wS8I0XoR2t
Watch my performance of "Scars" on the @Classicalite A.V. Club. @SubCulture_NYC show tonight is nearly sold out! https://t.co/PTHRUViYQP
Tonight I perform at @SubCulture_NYC! @IanHolubiak of @Classicalite interviewed me yesterday. Watch it here: http://t.co/MSWCtsY0q8
@jessiefallow Please email pra@prarecords.com and we will instruct you on how to get your tickets.
@jessiefallow Check your direct message inbox. Can you make the show tomorrow?
@IanHolubiak and me taping @themusictimes show!!! Crazy good. Video up later today!!! http://t.co/Nx5fmvSwg1
@jonathabrooke god bless Cecil Taylor. Bilked of 500k by a "friend?" He says "how unhappy he must be, but that's on him."
Rehearsal tonight for subculture_nyc .. dreamy cello. There will be accordion and interesting… http://t.co/e81Ft2WzLs
Like I said!! I'll be on "The Saturday Cafe with Laura Smith" on legendary 770 AM WABC Radio and… http://t.co/I5sLs9JvoC
New Journal. Curating my set list. Hope you can make it to @SubCulture_NYC on August 14. Crazy lovely music in store http://t.co/PnSontRDWJ
Just a little singin' goin on. With the dreamy Jo Lawry. Get your tickets for August 14.… http://t.co/LGHCh7S4ju
Brian Eno's rule: "honour thy error as hidden intention" #bestadvice
RT @solobasssteve: @jonathabrooke you've got @tigerdarrow guesting on your NYC gig??? Too. Amazing. If I had the dough, I'd fly over to see…
Love. My steady pull. http://t.co/zhkQUOm6tC
Got your tickets yet for @jonathabrooke @subculture_nyc august 14?? https://t.co/PmlZXs5BPB Giddy UP!
SUB CULTURE AUGUST 14! http://t.co/xofyCb5ih1
The skinny on QUADROON http://t.co/Klp3BFQWSw
Sissy and I got new dancin' shoes. What a lucky girl. Giddy up!! http://t.co/uhv4CXVD8p
Lord of the PANTS Friday!!!! http://t.co/LAUEsEJTAZ
Ummm. Omg. Groovin like a Mutha!!!! Andre Berry!!! http://t.co/LrOU6JemOX
Perfect night for a jazz cruise. Hanging with David Sanborn tonight. http://t.co/T6k9HDSii5
Very serious songwriter... The early years hiding in the back seat of the car. #throwbackthursday http://t.co/qfnNNqphxM
My amazing QUADROON team. Workshop #1? Fabulous. Inspiring. Thank you ALL. #henriettedelille #quadroon… http://t.co/OUsvCqn373
Tickets now on sale for my show at @SubCulture_NYC on 8/14! https://t.co/PmlZXs5BPB
Back at it. Quadroon rehearsal at the Ensemble Theatre in Houston. Joe Sample's taking no prisoners. http://t.co/QAsGadcCR6
Tickets go on sale, tomorrow, 7/11 at Noon for my performance in NYC on 8/14 at @SubCulture_NYC. Can't wait! https://t.co/PmlZXs5BPB
First day of rehearsal! QUADROON at the Emsemble Theatre, Houston. http://t.co/2bqAYrpn9v
Lord of the PANTS is back!!! Had to restock the supply! #lordofthepants #jbro http://t.co/T8lRrR8fN8
They got it seated just like church here at the Harlem DMV. No one's singing tho. #lostwallet #lostlicense #friggingdrag
Hamburg http://t.co/eJjFUV7f2R
Going to see "pageant, the musical" with brilliant playwright pal @antondudley can't wait. http://t.co/sGFf103hTx
Polaroid man in banana pajamas said: "give me your leg" How could I refuse? #feelslikehome #jonathabrooke http://t.co/mghvq3ogJX
Omg. Recording "I'll Try" with Johannes Strate in Hamburg. I LOVE his version sooo much. #revolverheld… http://t.co/TSqZcUCizD
Hamburg. Someone took a bite out of that building. Good roughage is harder and harder to find. http://t.co/vUbdKfG9MI
Rock Star, Gardener, entrepreneur, friend! Johannes Strate!!!! http://t.co/dE6Z4ipiuh
Knight in shining armor. Mon petit chevalier. St. Sulpice. I love you Paris. Now on to Hamburg and the… http://t.co/XpLO0ecXbQ
Really? You had to leave your gum on the toilet paper dispenser when the trash was two feet farther to… http://t.co/I63GfrTLSA
Demo sessions! More Joe Sample. More Quadroon! #quadroon #joeisagenius http://t.co/feCeh6ahSg
De la vega is back!! http://t.co/efrXX5nBNE
@ebrien01 totally made my day! Xo
And....Joe Sample, two fisted and feeling fine. Writing songs in Houston for our new musical… http://t.co/acGeYyvOyW
Motown. Bitter end.NOW #afamotown http://t.co/8OInuMuLEA
Too much fun at funkadelic. Rehearsal for AFA Motown extravaganza at Bitter End tomorrow. #afamotown http://t.co/4z30GyfMu3
Thursday, Bitter End. I'm singing at an all Motown concert to benefit the Alzheimer's Foundation. fun. music. WORD. #AFAMOTOWN
@andreacenright that Sia song??? Omg!! And who is that dancing phenomenon!!!!
Run! Don't walk to "SCAPIN" at the studio theatre at Theatre Row!!! #scapinnyc http://t.co/usx8hQYiey
RT @RonanFarrow: "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." - Maya Angelou, whose words change…
Marcus Miller! Genius. Photobomb Pat Rains. At Randy Crawford session for Dave Sanborn's new record.… http://t.co/1w4UVV8h3T
Brother's keeper. The waiting is the hardest part. http://t.co/76tjHaYXxd
@anildash sweeeet!!
RT @anildash: @jonathabrooke been a fan since, oh the last century or so. :) Makes me happy thinking some tween is finding you that way.
Ok I'm back. It's Lord of the PANTS Wednesday. I guess the Pumas don't suck either. #lordofthepants http://t.co/3hj7w3mV9N
RT @anildash: Was very pleasantly surprised to find out @jonathabrooke cowrote the last song on the (deluxe version of) the last Katy Perry…
@anildash thanks for the shout out!!! Xoxo love my Katy Perry song!
"What book did you feel you were supposed to like, and didn't?" Colson Whitehead: "The Bible left me a little cold, I have to admit." brill!
RT @npratc: At this New Orleans school, marching band is a lifeline for kids trying to survive. http://t.co/UOYw026Bam http://t.co/u9XhG71u
YES! Alzheimer's needs more spokespeople. We have to keep talking about this. I am angry. And I am ready. #4noses http://t.co/DtUCz6WpKT
Jill Abramson - NY Times - and Natalie Nougayrede - Le Monde -ousted on the same day? What's up with chick editors' bosses?
Omg and now THIS one. Lyrical magic. http://t.co/BfBvPWd2mc
Roz Chast's new book is out. Oh joy: "Can't we talk about something more pleasant." #ilovehersobad
check out @peopleslight "community matters" free concert on Monday 19th! Alastair Moocke. Important conversation. http://t.co/0Du0uR4TZ6
Seth Rogen coming up on CBS Sunday morning. Hoping he keeps making the case for talking abt Dementia epidemic #4noses
DNR. Cheery directive on a Saturday in B'lyn. Maybe try CPR before you give up on me. http://t.co/uEAWMMyGcV
RT @benallisonmusic: At #GrammyFutureNow w/ @thisisRyanShaw @jonathabrooke @IAmEricRoberson Elizabeth Healy @thegrammys http://t.co/oEM82i
Future now. Indie artists up at 5. Including...me! Down at Battery Park Holocaust museum. http://t.co/3WyZns42Oh
I can report that Joe Sample is in fine form down here in Houston, TX #joeisagenius #quadroon http://t.co/Gyht80ifGO
@RachelintheOC I love you Rachel Thompson!!
Luck be a ladybug and tell me how this chorus goes? http://t.co/69ZBMmljjU
What's better than writing songs with Joe Sample? Nothing. Absolutely nothing! #luckygirl #quadroon… http://t.co/z9R0PocYGB
@caro_LEEN35 haha!!! http://t.co/JhvqsxhrYE I hope they still have them. I had to wear them cuz of a broken toe.
So exciting @LortelAwards meeting @MsSarahPaulson http://t.co/tcBuHDIksM
So so thrilled for all of Lisa Kron's success tonight @LortelAwards "fun home" ruled. such a fan since "Well" at the Public. brilliant.
Super fun @LortelAwards sharing a dressing room with the original @avenueqmusical peeps and puppets! http://t.co/61UZbCrBhF
Backstage @LortelAwards singing "Sweetest Angel" tonight for the In Memorium part. Bittersweet. Hard to sing when I see jean Stapleton
RT @AllHands: Do Something Thoughtful For Mom This Year - http://t.co/ToAQGYQEg4
@antondudley @StephDiMaggio @17OrchardPoint Go see this play. Bold, real, darkly funny. Can't wait to go back and see it again!
@antondudley @17OrchardPoint sooooo excited to see this brilliant play tonight!
Throwback Thursday. Already acting like a guy. And my new haircut looks just like that!… http://t.co/efyEl5bOzM
“Loving me is not a fetish; finding me beautiful is not a novelty.” — @rachielouwho (via @Upworthy) http://t.co/G5cCAXW9ey
RT @Section101Tweet: Check out @jonathabrooke ft. in the @DailyWorth's article "How 6 Women Reinvented Themselves Mid-Career" here: http://…
"I mean, the moon and the stars, everything, was lined up just right in the universe when Love the Chase was bred to Lucky Pulpit."
Loved "Dear Elizabeth" last night. Overcome, mesmerized byEllen McLaughlin and Rinde Eckert. GO, only 2 more! http://t.co/105pSCvUaZ
What's better than a Labrador puppy and his sock monkey friend? Absolutely nothing? http://t.co/oJRgI0ENmP
My pals @antondudley and @StephDiMaggio 's new play opens TONIGHT!!! "17 Orchard Point" - So excited. GO!!!!! http://t.co/7yNASS0B3H
Gotta love the New Yorker. Right up both of my alleys! http://t.co/yzrJGzYq9w
De la vega everywhere!! http://t.co/uG8gnvDLn5
My doctor (checkup, all's well) told me about another guy with four noses! Crazy, Tycho Brahe. #4noses http://t.co/X4mRzwhODj
RT @jeremycowart: So @jonathabrooke just followed me on Twitter. My college self is FREAKING OUT right now. I'm a long-time super fan.
@paulbaloche @jonathabrooke Umm. totally made my DAY!!! xo #grateful
@melissa_errico was on FIRE tonight at @54Below Go SEE her. Funny, gorgeous, voice never better. Absolutely in love.
RT @acnationnews: WATCH: AN's @LauraBWhitmore sits down with @JonathaBrooke to discuss her highly acclaimed play - http://t.co/aqGk8iqxIk #…
The aftermath. Two years to create, build, manifest. Less than two hours to strike! #4Noses #ByeByeDuke http://t.co/GdUy2WxvUZ
They're HERE! Our beautiful @susatalan/ JBro cards. Order yours HERE: http://t.co/eZabTLGrIr http://t.co/7BF0aaf4CS
@Michaelamorlani @jonathabrooke love you ma morlani!!!
RT @TheBuzzAbout: Congrats, @jonathabrooke on an incredible (slightly) off Broadway run of My Mother Has 4 Noses ending tonight. So proud &…
Getting ready for the shows today! Click here: https://t.co/1xwiEbpwyw #4Noses
TWO MORE SHOWS!!!! Lord, say it isn’t so. 2pm today, a talkback session, and then….8pm. See you there. #4Noses http://t.co/OyJq8CZZ9l
De la vega is back out on the NYC streets. Love. http://t.co/ePrh6qRV83
“You were aimed from birth” It’s from William Stafford's poem "Assurance." Click here to read: http://t.co/UFzzyLODmw http://t.co/9PMJ5c6Qff
It's the LAST 4 Noses Saturday Talkback tomorrow with yours truly! TICKETS HERE: http://t.co/ZzGfjAYK6x #4Noses http://t.co/sEQkc1cNpX
Thank you @GuitarWorld for the great article: http://t.co/XIhWFa3ptn #4Noses
THROWBACK THURSDAY: Sophomore year @AmherstCollege some of this dances movements are still part of my vernacular! http://t.co/QkEZxh0Hkm
OMG. Oh my heart. Only 4 more “4 Noses” shows! Step right up - TICKETS HERE: http://t.co/ZzGfjAYK6x #4Noses http://t.co/KCYbi9LfzA
RT @BarbaraLilianK: @jonathabrooke I lovelovelove these pretty cards - so special!Can´t wait to send some to my dear ones and spread "4 nos…
We are creating CARDS from @susatalan gorgeous art inspired by 4 Noses. Order here: http://t.co/eZabTLGrIr #4Noses http://t.co/z5VOpm4q1L
@quigdette @jonathabrooke Can't thank you enough for your cheers along the way!! xo
Alex Wetmore & Sara Hannafin were the ones who took the first chance on us & brought us to the @WarnerCT! http://t.co/tVUKIiO9oW
@THEmikedoyle @AndrewRannells @jonathabrooke are you kidding? You were so sweet to come back!! Made my night!
@AndrewRannells @jonathabrooke What an honor. Thank you! Xo
I feel like I am just beginning to discover #4Noses & everyday when I’m not looking I find inspiration from my mother http://t.co/yJtYdwa1wa
@apaivab i am so honored! thank you!
Hey 4 Noses fans in the NYC area! Get your tix to the Sat Matinee Talkbacks tomorrow here: http://t.co/9LfRErx4pw http://t.co/ZUKOvwifqS
RT @IntlMusician: Singer/Songwriter @JonathaBrooke talks to us in our her critically-acclaimed Off-Broadway play #4Noses http://t.co/9P3t1p
Thank you @radiodotcom for the great article: http://t.co/QefVto2JJK #4Noses
RT @radiodotcom: .@jonathabrooke talks to us about her new play, working with @katyperry. You'll want to check it out. http://t.co/kCVkVlEj
Throwback Thursday: We thought we were so cool getting that cactus spear right between my eyes! Probably around 2000! http://t.co/s6WC3NXo9U
@TheBuzzAbout @jonathabrooke YOU betcha! Every single one! And boy are my arms tired!!! #4noses
You can still get an autographed CD of the music from “4 Noses” HERE: http://t.co/eZabTLGrIr! Don’t worry! It’s a real Jonatha Brooke record
Join our memory wall at: YOUR LOVE HERE (http://t.co/8Zf8VNJOyc)! Send a picture/story/poem or a lil video.#YourLoveHere #4Noses
@lizzyhouse @jonathabrooke I love you Lizzy house! #4noses
My "Monday Mom” Mt. Fuji http://t.co/CCq9O0Mzqo
RT @scottwjohnson: @JonathaBrooke gets it down | Power Line http://t.co/VO4DR14ygZ
Our conversation yesterday w/ @ash30 and Gurney was POWERFUL and important. Thank you to all who participated! http://t.co/CA3Gd6GsX6
Hey 4 Noses followers. The gorgeous @susatalan & I are working on another #4Noses art idea. More to come!! http://t.co/oubDYNwd8R
.@HospiceofNY was so INCREDIBLE when I needed help with my mom. My Hospice angels came to the show last night! http://t.co/eGKppgeT47
.@ash30 from @HIMYM_CBS/& her dad Gurney will be joining us for our SAT MATINEE talkback TOMORROW! http://t.co/ntS0Kbaz1b #4Noses
@THEmikedoyle @jonathabrooke Thank you ten gazillion THE Mike Doyle! Super sweet of you to come!! cheers! #4noses
RT @danapleasant: My #tbt this week...Me with @jonathabrooke a million (well 15ish) years ago...She is still one of my faves! 😃 http://t.co
Cutest thing EVER!!! Made my day when all three @secret_someones girls turned out to be fans!! Click here to view: http://t.co/pXe1yVVdoJ
RT @ash30: It's true! I'll be there with my dad! “@jonathabrooke: @ash30 will be at our Saturday Talkback!" #MyMotherHasFourNoses #TheDukeT…
RT @Kimwilliamspais: @jonathabrooke @ash30 I want to see your show! I hear its amazing. Congrats on making something beautiful out of some…
Y'all remember "All You Gotta Do Is Touch Me!" Well my beloved @kebmomusic is @BBKingBluesNYC tonight! http://t.co/3onjSffUzc
@interviewbands @secret_someones @jonathabrooke coolest shout out EVER! Xo jb
RT @interviewbands: What connection do the ladies of @secret_someones have to @jonathabrooke? Find out when two kids interview the band htt…
.@ash30- @HIMYM_CBS will be at our Saturday Talkback! Both her & her sis @Kimwilliamspais are also going through this topic w/ their mom.
My pal Dr. David Baron came to the show Saturday. We were in a rock band together in college called "The Remains." http://t.co/2qDlarV2hf
@wrenbirdcg @jonathabrooke thank you for opening YOUR heart!! #4noses
Sweet! My pals Rob and Cherry Dickins came from London to see “4 Noses” yesterday! #4Noses http://t.co/T1b1RHoc3C
So lucky for the wisdom of Dr. Anthony Lechich at our Saturday Matinee talkback. #4noses http://t.co/AsNItOCqNY
Thank you @TimeOutNewYork and Raven Snook for your support!!! http://t.co/oTFR5xzWws woot woot! Right below The Flower Show!!! #4Noses
Saturday Matinee at 2 today! Our Talkback guest? The amazing Dr. Lechich from Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Ctr. #4noses @dukeon42nd.org
Friday's Thoughts:http://t.co/s2MOaHIwwV. Tickets here: http://t.co/9LfRErx4pw! Your Love Here: http://t.co/R9MffiZQgt #4Noses #YourLoveHere
MY DENTIST to the stars came to the show last night!! I love him so bad! @DrLowenberg . Thank god I flossed #4Noses http://t.co/8aclrUH6Ky
MY DENTIST to the stars came to the show last night!! I love him so bad. Dr. Marc Lowenburg. Thank god I flossed! http://t.co/Mw1uD91Rp7
@jonathabrooke "empathy isn't something that happens to us…It's made of exertion, that dowdier cousin of impulse." Leslie Jamison's new book
Dr. Anthony Lechich will join us this Sat for our final March Matinee Talkback! Tix here: http://t.co/dku0hociU9 http://t.co/7J8fL6CDij
RT @cramnarace: Interviewed multi-talented @jonathabrooke today. She's as inspiring, warm & funny as her music. Look for her in upcoming @D…
@cramnarace @DailyWorth @jonathabrooke Such a great conversation. Inspiring. Made me think deep. #4noses
Throwback Thursday: Me and my dad. Seventh grade. I was so proud of my baby blue levis corduroys and my disco shirt… http://t.co/fDnsMh7P3H
RT @acnationnews: We've had @richsrobinson of @TBlackCrowes and @jonathabrooke in the studio today! Stay tuned for interviews and more. #ac…
@acnationnews @jonathabrooke Loved hanging with you guys and singing a couple new ditties. Thank you! #4Noses
@J_Keith @LauravS came to last Sunday's matinee!! Woot woot! #4Noses http://t.co/FGcsh9Z9IN
@RachelintheOC @nytimes @jonathabrooke You always make my day rachel!!
@nytimestheater @jonathabrooke THANK YOU NY Times!! #4noses
Spreading the #4Noses! Did you get your tickets yet? LIMITED TIME ENGAGEMENT! Tickets here: http://t.co/ZzGfjAYK6x http://t.co/MHsdEU9GLN
@nytimes just posted my little song "TIME" from 4 Noses!! Up there with Bebe Neuwirth now! Click here to view: http://t.co/rttzonjlZg
How I Met Your Mother Has 4 Noses! @nealdodson, @ash30, @HIMYM_CBS #4Noses http://t.co/tJrjZL3QJW
RT @TheBuzzAbout: Great to hear "Scars" by @jonathabrooke on @wxpnfm right now. #4Noses
Monday Mug Shot. One very serious ‘boolie’ - my nickname. Who the hell gave me that blasted haircut? http://t.co/kd2YCg4z86
RT @alliancenursing: Had a great time this weekend at #MyMotherHas4Noses. @jonathabrooke is extremely talented - the show is a much watch h…
Submit your loved ones story on the YOUR LOVE HERE page that I created just for you! http://t.co/R9MffiZQgt #4Noses http://t.co/w8U5NHjd5s
@BFTVTwtr @jonathabrooke thanks for the awesome conversation. #4noses
Ellen Fuschillo, me, @ChuckFuschillo (CEO of @alzfdn) and Gregory Solometo from @alliancenursing! #4Noses http://t.co/VTpr4lqGsP
It was an incredible Saturday!The @alzfdn was represented in full as well as @alliancenursing, & @nyuniversity Langone Horticultural Therapy!
We LOVE @alzfdn! 4 Noses putting info about their work into 4 Noses programs!!! #4Noses http://t.co/pTQcafCysB
Myself with @robmathesmusic & his daughter Sarah at 4 Noses! Rob did the gorgeous horn arrangements on the record! http://t.co/DqXxYsmM03
Hey! We were one of @NY1 weekend picks!! THANKS NY1! CLICK HERE to view: http://t.co/AldAAelsiS #4Noses
The CEO of @alzfdn Charles Fuschillo will be at this Saturday's matinee talkbacks! Tix here: http://t.co/9LfRErx4pw http://t.co/0b0Bmgi3WP
@AnneLowrie @bettymusic @jonathabrooke LOVE Betty music!!!
RT @AnneLowrie: @bettymusic meets @jonathabrooke #4Noses #womenrock http://t.co/vOcq8pA3Yr
Throwback Thursday: I think this was about….1994 - Early STORY days. Oy, where’d ya get those HOOPS? http://t.co/Bw3wBWErwu
RT @Millingabout: @jonathabrooke Listen in on my backstage chat w/ Jonatha @ http://t.co/ZMrbIYXJzC & performing songs from the wonderful #…
Get all the latest goings on from 4 NOSES/BAD DOG enterprises! & exclusive offers from time to time HERE: http://t.co/J4oor03oUe #4Noses
@HarlanCoben @jonathabrooke also getting your book pronto!!!! #4Noses
@HarlanCoben @ChristyAltomare @jonathabrooke AWEsome. giddy up and see you at "4 noses." #4noses
CEO of @alzfdn, Charles Fuschillo will be at The 4 Noses SATURDAY matinee talkbacks this week! Don't miss out!#4Noses http://t.co/jr28Kp3yCy
Me and TEITUR at subculture!!! What a great place!! What a great singer/songwriter! http://t.co/xCQsz2xusu
Check out my latest interview with @NBCNewYork here: http://t.co/dhI0JCZGuu #4Noses
This is from my hometown Boston radio peeps at @wmfo! "Something About the Women.” CLICK HERE to listen:https://t.co/xhIj1kUjOe #4Noses
CALLING all 4 Noses fans! We will be taking a few NOSES to the street this week! Anyone interested in helping...email us at info@4noses.org
Tell me YOUR loved one’s story. I’d love to include it on the YOUR LOVE HERE page: http://t.co/R9MffiZQgt. #4Noses #YourLoveHere
"The arm flourish!" Mom’s favorite gesture!! She did find theatre even in the most mundane #4Noses http://t.co/tYrPGEMlf4
@ASCAP has been a wonderful champion for me over the years. Beautiful interview with Etan Rosenbloom just in:http://t.co/CbBQVu5IY9 #4Noses
Here is a glimpse of one of my scenes from 4 Noses (http://t.co/fzLdzoLENX)! Get your tickets here TODAY:http://t.co/9LfRErx4pw #4Noses
Look who I found!! On right is Laila Robins! and her sister Daina is on left!! #4Noses http://t.co/uMqWrBlR2q
Don't forget to come to the Sat. Matinee talkback w/ Dr. Jason Karlawish from @Penn! https://t.co/kLxcWfJuuB #4noses
Oh my gosh, what were we thinking, circa 1997? Really? A Kitty Kat shirt? @jonathabrooke #4noses #flashbackfriday http://t.co/9GKLLqfygj
Oh my gosh, what were we thinking, circa 1997? Really? A Kitty Kat shirt? @jonathabrooke #4noses… http://t.co/RsjB6C9ws1
RT @ASCAP: .@jonathabrooke opens up about her hilarious, heartbreaking 1-woman show: http://t.co/ZCJRdp3fFV Use code MMH4NTIX4 for discount…
This week’s guest at our Saturday Matinee Talkback session: Dr. Jason Karlawish from @Penn JOIN US!! Tickets here: http://t.co/ZzGfjAYK6x
@ChristyAltomare @jonathabrooke You were awesome in "THE ONE" reading. Where can I find your songs!! You have a new fan. #4noses
@quigdette @jonathabrooke we are just never ready. Xo
@ozgeier @jonathabrooke phew! Windows certainly rattled but we are ok. Crazy, life! Thx for asking
Here is a video of my song “TIME” from “My Mother Has 4 Noses": http://t.co/JHhuYLqFHH! Tickets here: http://t.co/ZzGfjAYK6x #4Noses
Thanks @rockinrichlynch for the great article on 4 Noses: http://t.co/KGeiOY4206 #4Noses
Thanks @celcafe for the great interview: http://t.co/X6mLzJpyZn #4Noses
RT @TueNight: You are so welcome! RT @jonathabrooke: Thanks @TueNight for the beautiful blog post! Check it out here: http://t.co/JhYeWjpYy
Thanks @TueNight for the beautiful blog post! Check it out here: http://t.co/2RNEArEWld #4Noses
RT @eOneEntDist: Check out @jonathabrooke on @NPR World Cafe, new album "My Mother Has Four Noses" out now! http://t.co/f6iWnt424F
RT @WorldCafe: How a mother's battles with Alzheimer's became an album - @JonathaBrooke on World Cafe http://t.co/48ZV5Gp1Ts
My fav Swiss angels came all the way from Neufchâtel, Switzerland to see 4 Noses today!Mille merci pour les chocolats http://t.co/uNsEEGr6Cp
RT @lt_lynch: @JonathaBrooke-seriously funny & moving in #MyMotherHas4Noses read more at http://t.co/EdD83NYgCd
Here is a list of TALKBACKS scheduled this month! Thanks @broadwayworld: http://t.co/HuG106QngV #4Noses
Check out my @broadwaycom video here: http://t.co/sZXRHQ3Yoe #4Noses
Today @ our Matinee TALKBACK, Dr. Gayatri Devi a neurologist specializing in memory/healthy aging will join us.Tickets:http://t.co/baoJnsB1uU
RT @alzfdn: Looking fwd to seeing this moving musical by @jonathabrooke. AFA's CEO will be on-hand to answer ?s after 3/22 show. http://t.c
4 Noses is CRITIC’S PICK in @nytimes, @newyorkpost, & @TimeOutNewYork! See the reactions here: http://t.co/vQhARyiY7K #4Noses
Thank you @TimeOutNewYork for the great review and selecting 4 Noses as "Critics' Pick": http://t.co/vA3jZBpLxj #4Noses
I created this space called YOUR LOVE HERE for ALL of us to share. CLICK HERE to learn more: http://t.co/NZsErdRBHQ http://t.co/bTqfyNtcI9
I am honored to share this Kenneth Jones interview: http://t.co/4fJVqkpyp1. Rarely have I felt so understood! #4Noses http://t.co/tMrkotxFgZ
I wanted to share this song. This is one of the best, most definitive songs about Alzheimer’s and a Mom: https://t.co/cvipIy1Q5L
@MarcCohn and @johnleventhal came to see 4 noses last night. Giddy up! http://t.co/ZXiHnOp0Du
For those that missed @WorldCafe with David Dye listen here: http://t.co/edQj5DTZC8 #4Noses
RIP Dr. Sherwin P. Nuland. His book "How We Die" was magnificent and changed me. http://t.co/czYSPRk7Qj
Thanks Pop Entertainment for the great interview!To read more click here:http://t.co/ohBfF1P9dv #4Noses
jonatha brooke Pitter pat. Marc Cohn and John Leventhal came to see 4 noses. Giddy up! http://t.co/iDWtWO56IP
THANK you @wxpnfm! THANK you DAVID DYE! Check out @WorldCafe website http://t.co/SvdbauYetj & http://t.co/lPODaOlwyd
@PopEntCom @jonathabrooke thank YOU!! Honored and thrilled to be included. #4Noses
RT @PopEntCom: @jonathabrooke Thanks for talking with us about My Mother Has 4 Noses! Best of luck for a long run! http://t.co/k1PeCMaOo5 ……
@wxpnfm @WorldCafe @jonathabrooke love you xpn. Love you david dye. Thank you for all the years of support. #4noses
RT @wxpnfm: .@jonathabrooke taps into her personal life on new album & play, My Mother Has Four Noses. Hear her on @WorldCafe at http://t.c
YOUR LOVE HERE is up and running (http://t.co/R9MffiZQgt). It’s a space for us all to share our stories! EMAIL: info@4noses.org with yours!
@smackutwice @jonathabrooke I'm not really at liberty to say. But I love that KP and writing with her was a gas!
Don't forget I will be on @WorldCafe tomorrow! You can check your local listings at the following link: http://t.co/VUWcx15Jgr #4Noses
Thank you David Shenk from @CureAlzheimers, for a beautiful, candid, poignant talkback session this past Saturday. http://t.co/qx6rB6HZWF
Last night at 4 Noses Bill Irwin, @DavidSanborn, @TinaLandau were at my show! Pinch me! http://t.co/mF4jCKRkh6 http://t.co/ZxRUPjgn25
Sound check at The Duke on 42nd. Come see "4 Noses!" (Photo Anne Lowrie) http://t.co/qTMvcQ4T5N #4Noses http://t.co/AA5W9aaQoj
@TEDchris @jonathabrooke So thrilled you could see the show! Many thanks for the shout out. #4Noses
RT @TEDchris: An intense, v personal, moving NY theatrical experience... the one-woman musical 'My Mom has Four Noses' by @jonathabrooke
@speedygo @jonathabrooke Lovely to see you again. Can't thank you enough for keeping track of me! #4noses
Giving a shout-out to all the Caregivers out there: https://t.co/G4vo48sV82 #4Noses
Join me tomorrow for my first Matinee Talkback session following my 4 Noses performance. Learn more here: https://t.co/50nltcCIN8 #4Noses
I created a Memory Wall, called "YOUR LOVE HERE" for all of us to share our stories! More details here: https://t.co/BIscLMs8AJ #4Noses
@Kemova_lol @jonathabrooke sweet!! Thank you. #4Noses
@aj_hughes85 @jonathabrooke thanks AJ. And giddy up!!http://t.co/NKZm8HhDND
@Section101Tweet @playbill @jonathabrooke LOVE my section 101 pals!!
Thrilled that @Sethrogen is an advocate and champion for the cause. We’ve got to TALK ABOUT IT!! http://t.co/fBxDaqZ6Th
I can’t thank Times Square Chronicles enough for this review: http://t.co/Xis5rWrW3F #4Noses
Sat matinees in March start March 1! David Shenk who is the spokesperson for the @CureAlzheimers will join 3/1 to share the latest news!
Here she is! The "Lord of the PANTS” winner Meredith Jacobson Marciano at 4 Noses last night. #4Noses http://t.co/gIg5L3PNAM
Thank you @TheaterPizzazz for the great review on 4 Noses. Read more here: http://t.co/qdGKnG95FT #4Noses
@kjlcanfield @jonathabrooke awww! Tell her thanks!! Xo #4Noses
We made it into @playbill this week! Pretty pictures w/ some beautiful people. Thank you ten gazillion: http://t.co/vYluD0a8Kq #4Noses
THANK YOU ALL for the amazing response to 4 Noses! A little video for you: http://t.co/fda7HDqrIn #4Noses
Thank you ELECTRONIC LINK JOURNEY for the great review on 4 Noses! Click here to read more: http://t.co/RGakrub1x4 #4Noses
Thank you @NBCNewYork for the wonderful review on 4 Noses! So thrilled by the response! Read more here: http://t.co/iWBYvjsYYx #4Noses
@michaelelyanow @EVincentelli @jonathabrooke how can i thank you for the love and support? a little verklempt over here!!!! xo #4noses
I will be on @WorldCafe Tuesday, March 4th! Check your local listings here: http://t.co/VUWcx15Jgr #4Noses http://t.co/vU3GaggJQY
Thank you @nypost for the WONDERFUL review on 4 Noses! So grateful! To see the full review click here: http://t.co/gfWmGS60NS #4Noses
RT @nytimestheater: Our latest #nytcriticspicks is the @jonathabrooke show "My Mother Has 4 Noses" http://t.co/0Wjj8PKn89
@stephenwallem @jonathabrooke I love you stephen!!!
Thank you @nytimes for the amazing review on, "My Mother Has 4 Noses". You can read the full review here: http://t.co/pebslWrNCn #4Noses
@quigdette @nytimes i can't thank you enough bernadette. pinching myself!!!
RT @stephenwallem: Edie & I with @jonathabrooke & director Jeremy Cohen, opening night of their beautiful MY MOTHER HAS 4 NOSES http://t.co
Thank you @Blogcritics for the wonderful review on 4 Noses! Read here: http://t.co/i3w2RVSxeV #4Noses
RT @PatrickMcEnroe: "@melissa_errico: Loved show so much last night. Everyone must see @jonathabrooke -- incredibly moving, ... http://t.co
I also got to see @RIPLEYTHEBAND at my show, "My Mother Has 4 Noses!" I cannot stop pinching myself! #4Noses http://t.co/0InkWotMeW
Edie Falco & @melissa_errico came to “4 Noses” last night!! I couldn’t stop pawing them and pinching myself. #4Noses http://t.co/e1keDxdHZo
Taping my song "Time" for the @nytimes website. Thank you Erik Piepenburg. #4Noses http://t.co/TCaMiZS0Ei
Thanks @EW for the great review on 4 Noses! http://t.co/v78dqLXByl #4Noses
@debinova @katyCat1313 @jonathabrooke hello beautiful! What a treat to see your face!!
RT @RobertKahn: Jonatha Brooke's "#4Noses" is a loving tribute to the singer's mom. My review for #NBC4NY. http://t.co/3ZGiW8v8ts @NBCNewYo…
Thank you Show Business Weekly for this great review on 4 Noses: http://t.co/aCDqdlnnlC #4Noses
This photo kind of says it all. Tonight is opening night. Heart is bursting. See you there. http://t.co/hddQSojTiy http://t.co/hfEeirOSsx
@RobertKahn @NBCNewYork how can i ever thank you! I am so moved by your sensitivity to the complexity of the story. http://t.co/NKZm8GZuzv
RT @RobertKahn: Jonatha Brooke's "#4Noses" is a loving tribute to the singer's mom. My review for #NBC4NY. http://t.co/3ZGiW8v8ts @NBCNewYo…
RT @usagainstalz: UsAgainstAlzheimer's Daily is out! http://t.co/76MGLsStoE Stories via @MEDsyntrix @timmcmorris
RT @MTVBuzzworthy: Moved to tears by @jonathabrooke's My Mother Has 4 Noses. One of my fave singer-songwriters, brilliant storyteller ❤️ ht…
This is one of my favorite moment’s from the show. It’s called “The Breakfast Medley." (photo Sandrine Lee) #4noses http://t.co/06BPW9EU5O
@MyAlzStory opening night Thursday. http://t.co/NKZm8GZuzv for info/tickets. Runs through May 4
@FeatheryFriend I will ask! I have wondered where all that content goes!
@MyAlzStory wow. Hats off. So far were just doing this New York run. Who knows what the future holds
Today is the OFFICIAL release day of my new album 4 Noses.You can get the record on Amazon, iTunes, or even my website http://t.co/i7k0Aft92g
Giving a shout out to the @alzfdn! To learn more on how they helped me with my mother click here: http://t.co/PuafrtYwZ8 #4Noses #Alzheimers
Thank you all so much for coming out & supporting me this last weekend! Here is a little thank you from me: http://t.co/dXtD6K4pzy #4Noses
Back in 2012, I never imagined this moment, here, now, on 42nd Street. My first audience was the pillows in a hotel. http://t.co/6zejSlH7IA
@antondudley love you Anton Dudley. Can't wait to see "the Orchard"
Backstage last night at The Duke on 42nd Street!! Hmmm, a little more lipstick?? Photo by Sandrine Lee. #4Noses http://t.co/aZRCHxAIG9
This just in from the @nytimes: http://t.co/hGzXBychFZ. You can get your tickets here: http://t.co/UBghZK9beu #4Noses
Throwback THURSDAY: That’s me & mom’s hand. Always there for me. That muff was bigger than my HEAD!! #4Noses http://t.co/zBpzqF6r21
@katyperrylately @katyperry Hat's off Katy!! And btw you ROCKED "yesterday" on the Beatles tribute. made me cry...
RT @katyperrylately: .@jonathabrooke: "@KatyPerry is an underrated songwriter" http://t.co/8FSj8ZEKPv http://t.co/Bt4eTxrgwf
@donnavivino love you donna vivino!
Tech-run through day here at The Duke on 42nd Street! We are getting so close! More here: http://t.co/WCGmHxsuGH #4Noses
Backstage at The Duke on 42nd Street: http://t.co/nJZbAa1dSE PREVIEWS start for 4 Noses this FRIDAY! #4Noses
Hey 4 Noses followers! You can now pre-order the 4 Noses album on itunes. Click here to download yours today! http://t.co/YxRn7FGLSr
RT @usagainstalz: NYC area fans! Be sure to check out @jonathabrooke's new show "My Mother Has 4 Noses, " starting Friday! http://t.co/2wMMd
http://t.co/EkuCrjedS7 Sound check at The Duke on 42nd Street! Did you get your tickets yet? http://t.co/UBghZK9beu #4Noses
http://t.co/0KT63HaL4Q It's real people! I am at The Duke on 42nd Street! Get your tickets here: http://t.co/UBghZK9beu #4Noses
RT @Michaelamorlani: first day in the space! let tech begin. Get your tickets folks. http://t.co/AhIR22GKRS @jonathabrooke http://t.co/DeLe
Me and Jeremy Cohen (director) "it was THIS BIG!" Load in almost complete. This is REAL! http://t.co/NKZm8GZuzv http://t.co/3hX07ZBuBA
Rehearsal yesterday!! Load in is today. More very soon!! #4Noses http://t.co/QRwws1SiJ2
First day in NYT theatre ABCs! Right next to Wicked, and Murder for Two! Giddy up! Tickets: http://t.co/NKZm8GZuzv http://t.co/2Y9YA4rBId
I am pleased to announce on March 22nd Charles Fuschillo, the CEO of @alzfdn will be our guest at one of our Talkback sessions for 4 Noses!
My new album “My Mother Has 4 Noses” is officially OFFICIAL 2/18/14. You can get it here: http://t.co/iX0JeNbkjT #4Noses #AlbumRelease
Rehearsal. Floor yoga break. Me and Jeremy Cohen my fearless director. http://t.co/fzvP5Zbqgk
@RachelintheOC broke my heart. but so happy people are TALKING about it. It's about all of us. It's why I'm telling my little piece. #4noses
Rehearsals start today for 4 Noses taping off the floor, tuning up the gear.I can barely contain myself.TICKETS HERE:https://t.co/ixMvC50cU5
RT @WorkmanPub: Love this song! Goes well w coffee http://t.co/KYUvrIwkFJ @jonathabrooke & @loveforeverblog collab. adorbs #video #craftygi…
@RachelintheOC I am so hoping we get to meet one of these days!! Any plans for NYC in your near future? xo #4noses
Show us your lord of the pants & win a ticket to 4 Noses.Picking winner tomo night! Post here:http://t.co/3gqwdzF15O http://t.co/gzSQ6wiEop
@melissa_errico are you coming to "4 Noses?" at The Duke? how unbelievably cool! i have missed you! #4noses
Hoooooome!!! #thankyouworldcafe #daviddye #4noses http://t.co/xR9wZSjNq1
RT @loveforeverblog: Oh boy! The collaboration I worked on with @jonathabrooke is up on you tube! https://t.co/HTkzDsKQmD Please check it o…
Made it!! Singing "time" for the xpn lovelies. Thank you Ellen and Chris...and of course David Dye!!!… http://t.co/LYlQidcTAm
RT @jenleedotnet: Look what just arrived! Turned out beautifully, @jonathabrooke! http://t.co/KPAJc19GlC
On a train...that isn't broken...that might make it to Philly...so I can get to "world cafe" with… http://t.co/Zeo7HL0ziA
Omg. It's a miracle. So happy to be un trapped. Mercifully no one panicked or got sick. Walked the… http://t.co/lSNNhVxz2U
Already, not going so well...I've been trapped underground for 45 minutes on subway at 66th street.… http://t.co/IHMmZzf5n2
Philly I love you! Neither wind nor rain nor ICE nor act of God could keep me away from taping "world… http://t.co/Oxxr3d2iCG
RT @usagainstalz: NYC area fans! Be sure to check out @jonathabrooke's new show "My Mother Has 4 Noses, " starting previews soon! http://t.c
@solobasssteve thank you lovely steve. It really does follow the journey we took!! Xoxo
Post a picture of your LORD OF THE PANTS on my FACEBOOK page:http://t.co/3gqwdzF15O. Winner gets a ticket to 4Noses! http://t.co/kpfKdrPhcy
Love the day after http://t.co/62Ia1KwPw4
Last chance to get your signed CD! You can’t even get the digital version anywhere else until the 18th! PRE-ORDER: http://t.co/8ZXBxRQIvl
.@usagainstalz is doing great work fighting to end Alzheimer's.Help spread the word. Follow them today:http://t.co/2cliWWun9P
Thank you "more magazine!" For top ten entertainment pick for "4 noses!" http://t.co/hddQSojTiy http://t.co/EgNAKbONdb
.@AmerSongwriter just published my essay:"Role Model.” And they’ve included a stream of "Mom's Song” Read/Listen here:http://t.co/E83ewv8Svv
Overheard on 6 train: "we had Nicky and Paris Hilton hanging out, they're like zoo animals"
Thank you @NBCNewYork for the shout out for 4 Noses:http://t.co/b8utY3sAwA! Get TICKETS HERE: http://t.co/oCSQO5iZwx #4Noses #NBCNY
They're HERE! My new records Signing and sending out pronto http://t.co/hddQSojTiy #4nosestherecord http://t.co/Z7LXLDNxoC
Thank you @Penn Memory Center for the support: http://t.co/P0o1PCocAf #Penn #4Noses
Throwback Thursday: I am my mother’s daughter! If you come to 4 Noses you’ll know why! http://t.co/K19JuxCNvH #4Noses http://t.co/gmY2vYSTh6
@humansofny gets me every time
Repubs couldn't even stand for a 10 dollar minimum wage? Shame This land isn't our land. Here's my take in a sad key https://t.co/CkvfTcFvur
@RachelintheOC sweet! #heart
No matter where we are in life music has power! If you haven’t seen this video about Henry, it’s pretty remarkable. http://t.co/pNy2aPK3gI
RIP Pete Seeger. Mom and I loved dancing to "Abiyoyo, " and when he sang "Hard Rain" it always made me cry, even before I knew why…
@ALZHEIMERSread @usagainstalz need to talk more about ALL forms of dementia! Rayfield Wright piece in NYT is powerful evidence
@RachelintheOC I love you! "Only daughter...."
I’m going to be @birdlandjazz tonight for Jim Caruso’s fabulous evening of fun! Sharing songs from 4 Noses!Info HERE: http://t.co/S5Wtfo5s0a
Got a hot date for V-DAY? Look no further! Previews for 4 Noses start FEB 14 @ The Duke on 42nd Street!Tickets here: https://t.co/asaPiz3eGs
Join us TONIGHT @ 7:30PM EST! It’s "Saturday with Laura Smith" on @77WABCradio on http://t.co/vvlNdoyp2N #4Noses http://t.co/jPsgIEak8f
@RachelintheOC this is our YEAR! I can feel it!
Lord of the Birthday Pants. Thank you all so very much for your wishes. “Cause I’m fifty and I like to KICK!!" http://t.co/dHvpSlZofq
@addyhouse @nbcsnl how could i resist? but i need better pants.
Familiar w/ Sally O’Malley on @nbcsnl? Meet JBro Jo’NO’NO!!! Cause I’m 50 & I like to kick off Broadway! http://t.co/GmHDKxAgSd
@morgenthalerYAYAYAY... thanks so much. I'm loving this! fifty feels pretty good so far!!
It's my BIRTHDAY! My nifty gift to you is a 40% discount to PREVIEWS for 4 Noses. Promo code:MMH4NPLAT. http://t.co/XRAd7QIPeP #Bday #4Noses
Battling the Muse lll: Battling the Muse again? Here are some more handy tips from a pro!! http://t.co/isMujclzk6
@RachelintheOC thank you... I am a total gizmo failure, trying to learn and keep up! It IS http://t.co/hddQSojTiy OX ummm. loving your book
@RachelintheOC awwww. I love that one. You just keep making my DAY!!!! I wish you lived here!! I think you would love my show! @4noses.org
Thank you @broadwayworld for another great artcile! http://t.co/lCOoo6IZSO #BroadwayWorld #4Noses
@donnavivino donna vivino, you rocked "inconsolable" sooo soooo sweetly. have a GREAT show Thursday @54 below!!!!! #revelation
Omg it's heating up at 54 below. Me and Donna vivino!!! #54below http://t.co/DhAxmf5wtK
Bringing my snowshoes to 54 below!! And of course my "lord of the pants" pants!!! @thesusiemosher
@nprscottsimon @GQMagazine @katyperry nice one. Do your girls like "choose your battles?"
@addyhouse @54Below @thesusiemosher @RIPLEYTHEBAND the blizzard sessions! It'll be the coolest hang in TOWN!!! Giddy up!!
RT @addyhouse: Shout out for a super. fun. night. to my girls @54Below @thesusiemosher @RIPLEYTHEBAND @jonathabrooke love you all & wish I …
@nprscottsimon @bellhouseny they're already panicking in Harlem. snow? will there be enough food??
@RachelintheOC @lilnerdette "I don't think people intentionally try to scratch the heart I try so hard not to wear on my sleeve." 💝💝
RT @thesusiemosher: I can't wait! @jonathabrooke @theskivviesNYC @donnavivino @RIPLEYTHEBAND @davidbperlman and @CarolineRhea https://t.co/
@RachelintheOC oh Lordy! Already crying. #emotionalcreature
@RachelintheOC just got my new RT book! Delving in tonight. http://t.co/3AwOfcRCTg
@solobasssteve LOVE LOVE LOVE.
@SaraBareilles @theviewtv I just love her!!!!
RT @SaraBareilles: The view the View The View @theviewtv!! http://t.co/7GQv1frisy
It’s official! My NEW Album, “My Mother Has 4 Noses” will be released in a little less than 1 MONTH! http://t.co/7JMkvK77X6
Me and Kacee Clanton. She just rocked the HOUSe in "a night with Janis" http://t.co/QEdlDxKcsT
@solobasssteve how do i love thee....
RT @solobasssteve: one of my favourite cover versions EVER - @jonathabrooke's version of Eye In The Sky. Perfect in every way https://t.co/
Hey New Yorkers/Theatre geeks! Got plans Tuesday? Join me at @54Below! Get your tickets HERE: http://t.co/c3oCsqmFee http://t.co/KPzymep3y6
This just in! A wonderful review by @aquarianweekly! - Thanks Mike Greenblatt! http://t.co/YoExA83Ao4 #AquarianWeekly #4Noses
Battling the muse? Try sucking at something totally new! You might even get a song out of it! http://t.co/Doilif6HVr
@philipofthedeep @RachelintheOC @poedavid what are the odds!!?? Hola Phillip! xoxo http://t.co/lAwxZsrPgq
RT @nprscottsimon: Off this week to prep for our show Wed in Brooklyn http://t.co/eInRFPY2td Getting a haircut, as I'm funnier w/ a haircut.
One of my sacred escapes in NYC! For those of you coming for 4 Noses, check out the Conservatory Gardens: http://t.co/tk3XM0shvR
@RachelintheOC @poedavid Just ordered david's new record! Thrilled to be in this little circle of love!!! http://t.co/lAwxZsrPgq #4noses
@RachelintheOC amazon said I'd have your book by the 21st!!!!.
RT @RachelintheOC: Now Playing: Ten Cent Wings / @JonathaBrooke http://t.co/aN3C9Lphsr
@RachelintheOC yes. I'm all about holding the book. and smelling it too. ;)
@RachelintheOC ordered your book. can't wait to read it. come on amazon. giddy up.
@RachelintheOC stop. You're making me cry. Xo
@solobasssteve In France I'm known as Jonatha la Fabuleuse
@solobasssteve wasn't gonna say anything, but now you mention it...is that your disco name? #4noses #jonathabrooke
Throwback Thursday: One more reason I am convinced I was a golden retriever in another life. #ThrowBackThursday http://t.co/H2jxy4vZh8
Husband's quote of the day: "We're not the BOOMER generation, we're the BUMMER generation."
@RachelintheOC I am buying "Broken Pieces" pronto!!! And btw "bad redhead?" Great name!! Been one all my life! #4noses #jonathabrooke
@solobasssteve LORD! you're here! Running around like a nut job. Whatcha got?! Where you be??
@RachelintheOC Make my DAY why dontcha!!? xoxo wicked sweet
Battling the muse? Here’s my advice! http://t.co/6Djw5OOHzP
Parenting our parents is something we all may face. This book is a really hopeful way to look at the issue: http://t.co/MGZQLV33I2
I will be singing songs from 4 Noses @54Below Jan 21st! See what the fab host is saying @thesusiemosher!Tickets here: http://t.co/c3oCsqmFee
So honored to contribute to Greg Williams’ beautiful “known and loved” project: http://t.co/XomJ0zGXh6 #KnownAndLoved
Did you get your tickets yet? 4 Noses opens at The Duke on 42nd Street in NYC on February 14. TICKETS HERE: https://t.co/fTQr7qrnwO #4Noses
This just in! Check out this great article about My Mother Has 4 Noses by @broadwayworld: http://t.co/3cetDvZReX #4Noses #BroadwayWorld
Flowers always make crap days better. http://t.co/cHLgJhfPhU
Lord of the pants. Bad bad pants. Mustard corduroy pants. What could I do? They were $20. I… http://t.co/XjWRLcluAA
Another lovely word from @GuitarWorld. Thank you @LauraBWhitmore!! http://t.co/KzKDYBW2dR #4Noses #GuitarWorld
The new website for 4 Noses is now live: http://t.co/UBghZK9beu. @RainboRecords are pressing the 4 Noses CD now! #4Noses #GiddyUp #Album
Did you know you can pre-order the album, 4 Noses here:http://t.co/NbA7RmEtzE. A portion of the proceeds goes to @CureAlzheimers #Cure
@addyhouse oh.... THAT picture!! I thought you meant the one in the interview!! Blechhhhhh.
@addyhouse What??? I hate that picture!!! But you. are. sweet.
This JUST IN! My interview with @AmerSongwriter http://t.co/RciUWUZnyR. The album is out Feb 18th! #4Noses http://t.co/VeXFjPPglc
Pants for a crap day! Snow is melting and pathetic. Weekend waning. Stripes? always a good idea.… http://t.co/Bng2UQB5EX
I am EXTENDING the DISCOUNT ticket preview for 4 Noses, until January 10. Go here: http://t.co/hSAdHbDlZm & enter PROMO CODE: MMH4NPLAT
Thank you Alzheimer's Speaks for the wonderful blog posting about my play 4 Noses: http://t.co/lZEVRP3UO4 . #4Noses
I'm Reflecting. Scanning old photos. Marveling still at the woman who was my mother: http://t.co/fuqXTzwK2U http://t.co/PFLoLSmfot
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