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    So Much More Mine!

    Posted on 9/3/2015

    On the second day of my songwriting workshop in Nashville, Chloe Beck turned 20. She and her sister Tatum (18) were there for the three day intensive...

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    My Mother Has 4 Noses
    Press? Wowsers!

    We've been so lucky to get fabulous reviews. Critics' pick in the NY Times and TIME OUT! 

    Our own video of "TIME" is up too!

    City Winery Nashville
    Nashville, TN, US
    Landmark On Main Street
    Port Washington, NY, US
    South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC)
    South Orange, NJ, US
    Moab Folk Festival - GCHS
    Moab, UT, US
    Moab Folk Festival - Star Hall
    Moab, UT, US

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  • New Video
    My tiny new song: 
    Too Much Happiness
    Too Much Happiness

    I live in minor keys and have trouble writing a bright, happy song, even if the lyric is chipper. It's just who I am. http://t.co/NWwno0NoLe

    Chloe Beck turned 20 on day 2 of my songwriting workshop last week in Nashville. New Journal: http://t.co/HjdQdxlb4z http://t.co/xMRj6q0NK3

    @theKELword I think I'm gonna frame it for a rainy day...

    @solobasssteve @emilysaliers @thelocals another top ten moment!!

    @nicholenordeman grateful! Thank you