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Gear Box

On the road, I always use the Audix VX 10 microphone for my vocals. Its got a really rich velvety mid/low range, but still has a lot of power on the top. If that doesn't work in the particular room, the true road dog sure fire mic is the Sure Beta 87.

I usually record with the CAD Equitek 300. For the money its the most wicked chick singer microphone. My vocals on Ten Cent Wings, most of Steady Pull, and all of Back in the Circus were recorded on my Equitek. A Neumann 49 is always a smooth, luxurious option, but they are often hard to find, and hard to maintain.

For guitars, Ive got a fabulous blue telecaster re-issue from my pal Knud at Fender in Denmark. My Guild Valencia from the custom shop in Nashville courtesy of Billy Siegle and Al and Ed!! I had the most precious little guild F-30 that was stolen two summers ago in Portland, OR by a drug addict, and a 52 telecaster re-issue too, (both courtesy of Billy Siegle) may they at least be bringing someone some beautiful music. My oldest road warrior is a Maple, Guild Jumbo. Always sounds amazing. The acoustics all have the Fishman Matrix saddle pick-up. Lately, I've taken the way less can be way more approach. I bring a cable and a tuner..I do a lot of touring solo, just so I can bring home some bacon, so the less I carry, the quicker I can get around!

My other beloved guitars are two custom made Olsons. Made by James Olson, Circle Pines, Minnesota. Just stunning, lovely forever guitars. Cedar top, rosewood backs.

I have a road Wurlitzer... Its a 200 B model. Lovingly restored by Mark Ross in Los Angeles,
and a beat up old Student Wurlitzer, 50's green, speakers intact!!

I mostly work and write now with a CASIO Celviano. So versatile, great sounds, great feel. And for my Kitchen Covid Concerts, I use a brand new cherry red CASIO Privia. Awesome new sounds...

I've got a fretless and a normal Fender Bass, a recorder, kalimbas, spoons, I'm in love with my mandolin these days - I just love the open intervals that lead me to different places harmonically.

Tune the bottom two strings down a half step? And the mandolin becomes a little more mournful... Heaven.

I've been using the SPIRE app for when I wake up at 4 in the morning with an idea. (Often I'm disappointed the next day with what I thought at the time was a HIT!) But it has 8 tracks immediately and user friendily available. So I can try multiple basics, melodies and harmonies quickly if i need to. ON MY PHONE!

And I have a little pro-tools rig I can record with right here at Bad Dog Headquarters.

Danish fan Thomas Edinger took the time to create a guitar tutorial of "Blood From a Stone." Watch it here.  

If you're interested in Guitar Tabs, Marian Russell has generously done quite a few. You can find them here, to the right, along with most of the tunings.

I've also been posting "Songs from the Attic" lately on Youtube. Acoustic versions with the tunings listed. In some of them, you can get a visual on the chord shapes.


guitar tunings

Back in the Circus Tunings:

Back in the circus: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat Eflat, 3-string capo (3rd fourth and fifth strings) 5th fret

Better After All: 
CGDG Bflat D 3-string capo 5th fret

It Matters Now: 

Sleeping with the Light on: 
Wurlitzer song

Fire and Rain: 
Wurlitzer song

Everything I wanted: 

God Only Knows: 
Wurlitzer song

Less than Love is Nothing: 
piano song

CGDG Bflat D

No Net Below: 
Wurlitzer song

Eye in the Sky: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat Eflat, capo 2nd fret

Steady Pull tunings:

DADF#AD, capo 5th fret 

How Deep...: 
DADFAD, capo 2nd fret 


Red Dress: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat Eflat, capo 5thfret 

Room in My Heart: 
Haven't worked on a guitar part yet! 

Steady Pull: 
CGDF Bflat D 

Your House: 
CG Eflat F Bflat D 

New Dress: 
(piano song) 

DADGAD capo 2nd fret 

Out of Your Mind: 

I'll Take it From Here: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat Eflat 


Ten Cent Wings Tunings: 

Secrets and Lies: 

Eflat G Bflat F Bflat Eflat 

Because I told you so: 
Eflat G Bflat F Bflat Eflat 

Blood From a Stone: 

Glass Half Empty: 

The Choice: 
C G Eflat G Bflat D 

Last Innocent Year: 
Eflat G Bflat F Bflat Eflat, capo 2nd fret 

Shame On Us: 
CGDF Bflat D 

Genius or a Fool: 
Eflat G Bflat F Bflat Eflat, capo 3rd fret 

Ten cent wings: 
piano song 

Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat Eflat 

CGDF Bflat D 

Plumb Tunings: 

Nothing Sacred: 

Where Were You: 
Standard in D, 3-string capo 2nd fret 

CGDGBD, capo 2nd fret 

No Better: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat Eflat 

West Point: 
DADGBD, capo 4th fret 


Made of Gold: 

Is This All: 

Full Fledged Strangers: 

C#ADGBE, capo 2nd fret 


The Angel in the House Tunings: 

So Much Mine: 

Missing Person Afternoon: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat Eflat 

The Gilded Cage: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat D 

When Two and Two are Five: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat Eflat 

At the Still Point: 
C Aflat Eflat G Bflat Eflat 

The Angel in the House: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat Eflat, capo 3rd fret 

Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat Eflat 

The Barefoot Ballroom: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat D, capo 3rd fret 

In the Gloaming: 
piano song 

Standard, capo 2nd fret 

Love Song: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat D, capo 4th fret 

Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat D, capo 5th fret 

Grace in Gravity Tunings: 

Grace in Gravity: 
Standard, capo 2nd fret 

The Perfect Crime: 

Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat Eflat damn everything but the circus: Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat D 

The Alarm is on Love: 

Easier Than Sorry: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat D, capo 2nd fret 

Just One Word: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat D, capo 5th fret 

And Our Faces, my Heart, Brief as Photos: 
Eflat Bflat Eflat F Bflat D, capo 1st fret 

Dog Dreams: 

Over Oceans: 
A Cappella 

love is more thicker than forget: 
piano song